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This is a hybrid class of Psychic and Occultist and is a full-caster. I tried to blend the two classes together making in similar to both but unique using various mechanics to keep it balanced. They would have role of full caster and avoid front lines currently. I also used Arcanist and older DnD stuff.

I was hoping I could get some balance advice and ideas. I want to make sure I haven't watered anything to far down especially with the extra restrictions compared base classes. I am terrible with names so for now its Erudite but I am open to suggestions as the name already in use for DnD and home-brew.

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Occultist/Psychic Hybrid:

Occultist/Psychic Hybrid - Erudite
Hit Dice D6
Wealth 2d6x10 GP
Class Skills – Appraise, Craft, Diplomacy, Disable device, Fly, Linguistics, Perception, Profession, Sense motive, Spellcraft, Use magic device, Knowledge all
Skill Ranks 4 + Int Mod
Saves- Will good, ref and fort poor
BAB - Poor
Weapon and Armor – All simple weapons, no armor or shield.
Spell slots - As wizard

Spells known –
Erudites learn 2 spells from the psychic list at level 1 and then 1 spell per level of Erudite of a spell they can cast from the psychic list.

Similar to a Wizard they may learn additional spells from the psychic list through scrolls and spell books if the spell falls under psychic spell list. However, instead of spell inscriptions the Erudite book is filled with mnemonic devices, diagrams, and sensory input to recall the spells increasing DC of other casters to read the spellbook by 10. Each morning the Erudite must have his spellbook while attuning his focus in order to cast Psychic spells from it but otherwise does not prepare spells.

Implement Spells - The Erudite learns 1 implement spell per implement known for each spell level they may cast that is not the highest level they can cast from the Occultist spell list. They must have Psionic focus invested into the implement in order to cast spells from it and include the implement as a focus.

Unique spells - The Erudite spell selection becomes more limited throughout the day. They may only cast a specific amount on unique spells of 1 + half there Erudite level per day. This limit does not apply to spells known as knacks, gained through psionic mind feature, or spells gained outside the Erudite class. Spells that may be undercast only count as one version of the spell. This refreshes whenever they would regain spell slots for the day.

Knacks - An Erudite begins play with book containing all lv0 psychic knacks. He is limited to casting one unique knack per day from the Psychic spell list. In addition he knows one knack, or 0-level psychic spell, for each time he selects an implement schools. These spells are cast like any other spell, but they can be cast any number of times per day. Knacks cast using any other spell slots because of meta magic feats applied to them, for example, consume spell slots as normal. These spells do not count normal unique spells per day.

Spell-casting - The Erudite gains the ability to cast spells in a similar fashion based on their intelligence score using their limited number of spell slots which they gain as wizard. The spell slots are shared among their implement spells and psychic spells and they gain extra spell slots based on their intelligence score. In order to cast a spell the spell caster must have an implement corresponding the the spells school of magic even their psychic spells. They may spend one Psionic focus from their Psionic focus pool in order to cast a spell without the corresponding implement if it is from the Psychic spells known. Erudite cannot exceed unique spell per day limits but may continue casting spells that they previous cast in the day so long as they have spell slots remaining.

Psionic Implements - The Erudite gains implements at a slightly elevated rate then the Occultist but does not gain as much power from them. They have total amount of implements equal to number on the table. They gain the resonance powers based on the implement chosen. However, they do not gain the base power from the implement but may purchase them as Psionic focus power.

The Erudite must have 1 point or more remaining in his implement pool to cast spells from that implement. The Erudite must have 1 point or more remaining in his Psionic focus pool in order to cast his physic spells.

Implements don’t need to be magic items, and non-magical implements don’t take up a magic item slot even if they’re worn. Implements that are not magic items are often of some historical value or of personal significance to the Erudite, such as the finger bone of a saint, the broken scepter of a long-dead king, the skull of a mentor’s familiar, or the glass eye of an uncanny ancestor.
[Originally on a table, gain 2 implements lv1, and one additional at lv2, 4,6,10,12,14,18 for total 9.]

Psionic Focus power – At 1st level, an Erudite learns the base focus power from both of his two implement schools (see Implements below) and select one more focus power from the list of those available to him through those schools. Erudite may chose from Erudite focus power list or Occultist focus power list.

The Erudite beginning at lv2 gain additional Psionic focus powers at every even level and one additional at lv11. The Erudite can use focus powers only by using focus they invested into corresponding implement.

Unless otherwise noted, the DC for any saving throw against a focus power equals 10 + 1/2 the occultist’s level + the occultist’s Intelligence modifier. The occultist can’t select a focus power more than once. Some focus powers require him to reach a specific occultist level before he can choose them.

Psionic Focus Pool – An Erudite gains a pool of points they can invest into his chosen implements for the day or as Psionic focus, allowing him to utilize a variety of abilities depending on the implements and the amount of focus invested in them.

An Erudite has a number of points of Psionic focus equal to his Erudite level + his Intelligence modifier; these points refresh each day. He can divide this Psionic focus between his implements or Psychic focus pool in any way he desires. If an implement is lost or destroyed, the focus invested in it is lost as well, though the Erudite still refreshes those points of focus normally.

Once Psionic focus is invested inside an implement, the implement gains the resonant power of its implement school, and the Erudite can expend the focus stored in the implement to activate the associated focus powers he knows. If a resonant power grants a bonus that varies based on the amount of focus invested in the implement, the bonus is determined when the focus is invested, and is not reduced or altered by expanding the focus invested in the item. Once all of the Psionic focus in an implement has been expended, it loses its resonant power until Psionic focus is once again invested in the implement. The implements only give resonant power to the Erudite and only when carried by the Erudite.

The Erudite refreshes his mental focus once each day whenever they would gain access to their spells. After refreshing their focus, the Erudite must spend 1 hour preparing his implements and investing them with this power. Focus that is not used before the next time the Erudite refreshes his focus is lost.

Psionic Skill Mastery - The Erudite at lv1 is able to attempt all occult skills unlocks even those they are not trained in and gain the trained bonus just for that use. At lv5 they may use all occult skills 1 extra time during its normal recharge rate. At lv10 they may spend their Psionic focus and 1 point from Psionic focus pool once per day to use occult skill as a full round action.

Psychic Focus - The Erudite may make concentration check DC 10 + class level to become psychically focused as full round action. The Erudite may spend 10 minute to gain focus without concentration check so long as they would normally be able to take 20. When focused the Erudite eyes become glossed over with a swirling occult power while it sheds no light but its clear indicator of magic. While focused the Erudite gains 1/2 half their total invested focus in their Psionic Focus pool on knowledge skills and occult skill unlocks up to half their Erudite level.

Erudite my spend this focus in order reroll a failed concentration check with + 2 bonus as free action. The Erudite must have one point or more remaining in Psionic focus pool to gain Psychic focus. The Erudite may only be focused once at a time.

Psionic Mind lv3 - Choose a disciple, you gain access to that discipline spells and they do not count against unique spells per day. You can only cast these spells if you have Psychic Focus. At lv5 the Erdute gain the disciplines attribute ability modifier as a bonus to their total unique spells per day. At lv12 the Erudite gains addition focus to their pool they may invest with based on the stat for the discipline selected.

Mental Flexibility Lv14 - Whenever they prepare their implements for the day they may change one of their implements or single focus powers to that they are able to take at the level they got it at the cost of losing half their focus for the day. This changes their spells known based on the implement chosen. If they change implement that part of a panoply they lose access to entire panoply until they relearn the implement.

Lv20 Cap stone Collector of the strange or Implement Mastery - As Occultist cap stone.

Erudite Focus Powers:

Erudite Focus Powers

Haunted Implements- Gain a single haunted implement and may have additional one at if lv8 or higher. May use Psionic focus to use Extricate haunt.
Trappings of the Occultist Min lv2- Gain object reading so long you have Psychic focus. May spend 1 mental focus to receive reading as a full round action. At lv8 may use Aura sight as the occultist ability.

Strong Focus - Choose one implement. Your current focus invested within your Psionic focus pool count for focus invested in your implements for their resonant powers. You may spend 1 mental focus bolster an implements connection with you to cast a spell from the implement school even should you have no focus within it or do not have access to the implement.

Psionic Discipline- An Erudite gains the first level ability of a psychic discipline but gains no benefit from ability to regain phrenic points and loses access to the ability if they run out of mental focus until they next regain mental focus. You counts as level one psychic for the power selected. May spend 1 mental focus to count their full level for power using a swift action for 1 + discipline attribute mod in rounds.

Advanced Discipline (Requires Psionic Discipline) - Gain the second power so long as you meet level prerequisites but act as the lowest level possible to use the ability. This ability also benefits spending 1 mental focus from the Psionic Discipline focus power.

Synchronicity - (Requires Divination Implement) When Erudite ready an action they may spend 1 mental focus or divination focus to immediately change their ready action and trigger to something else following normal ready action rules but cannot do something that would cost them their Psychic focus. They immediately lose their Psychic focus when action is completed.

Psychic Ricochet - (Lv8, Requires Abjuration implement) As an immediate action the Erudite may spend 1 mental focus and their Psychic focus to attempt to reflect a spell or ability that targets him back at the user that damages them mentally (such as mind trust) or does damage or drain on mental attributes (such as Touch of idiocy). This works like a counterspell attempt in which Erudite receives a bonus equal to his current Psychic focus pool. If successful the spell or ability is considered countered fully and the ability or spell is treated as targeting the original caster and must make a save against their own DC.

Whispers of the dead (Requires Enchantment and Necromancy Implement) - By spending 1 mental focus as a swift action while casting a spell or using an ability the Erudite may ignore normal undead immunities to mind effects but if the being in not considered mindless they get a new save each round if it doesn’t already.

Whispers from the Outside (Requires Enchantment and Conjuration implement) - By spending 1 mental focus as a swift action while casting a spell or using an ability the Erudite may ignore immunities to mind effects against outsiders however they get a save each round even if they would otherwise not.
Focus Surge - As part of spellcasting action they may spend 1 focus from corresponding implement or Psionic focus pool to increase either CL or DC of a spell by 1. At lv9 they spend 2 to increase it by +2.

Spells to Power - An Erudite with this power greatly increases his flexibility and may learn spells from the wizard/sorcerer list that are not on the psychic spell list. Any spell learned this way is cast at lowest caster level possible for the effects of the spell. The spells must be one level spell lower then the maximum spell level they can cast normally. These spells must be kept and inscribed like the wizard must be prepared into a spell slot. For cost 1 focus in implementing that corresponds spell school he may cast the spell at his own caster level.

False Influence (Requires enchantment implement) - When Erudite passes a save against mental spell or ability they may spend 1 mental focus to appear to have failed the save. His psychic intuition aids him in their act giving them bonus to bluff skill to act in line of the spell equal to the Erudite level. This bonus lasts so long as the spell or ability would be in effect.

Greater Erudite Focus powers - Beginning at lv11 when they gain a focus power they may instead choose from the following if they meet the prerequisite.

Psionic Sage - (Requires Spells to power) The Erudite knowledge of spells is so great that they begin to be able to replicate the spells of other full spell casters in inefficient and round about way. Once per day they may spend a full round action per level of spell of the desired spell and spending two spell slots of the required spell and 1 mental focus to cast a spell from the Druid, Bard, Wizard or Cleric spell list; if the casting time is greater than 1 standard action the time is added to the full-round actions it takes to cast. The spell is cast at lowest CL of the spell required and a -2 to DCs. The Erudite may spend 1 additional mental focus to cast the spell at his caster level.

Psionic Refuge- The Erudite may use their Psychic focus to immediately re-roll one will or fort saving throw that they just failed. If they succeed at the saving throw they take no effect similar to evasion but as failed save they take full effect. Each additional use of this ability in same day costs 1 Psionic focus point.

Psionic Implement Mastery (Requires Strong Focus)- The implement chosen as the undeniable implement no longer required to be possessed to cast a spell corresponding to it. In addition the resonance power may now benefit to whoever holds the implement. The Erudite may continue to cast spells from this implement even should they have no focus in it.

Perfected Discipline (Requires advance Discipline)- The Erudite is now considered his level for gaining discipline powers and their uses, in addition whenever an ability would earn the Erudite a phrenic point back they may instead regain a point of used focus.

Dark Knowledge Implement:

Dark Knowledge - The erudite may select the following as implement school but unlike other implements this implement does not correspond to physical object or a school but they may select 1 new occultist spell per level known of any existing implements they already have. The Dark knowledge does not need to be heard by allies or enemies as the Erudite force of mind and focus brings its effects into existence but must be psychic focused to use these.

Dark Resonance- For each 3 focus they are invested into Dark Knowledge the Erudite is considered to have one focus point for resonance powers of all other mastered implements; the implements must still have a point of focus invested to be active. At 10 focus this bonus instead increases for each 2 focus invested in dark knowledge.

Base Power, Dark Knowledge -

The Erudite gains use of Dark Knowledge abilities, using their forbidden knowledge to effect the world empowered by their physic fortitude. By gaining the base power they automatically gain use of Tactics or Puissance but must gain others as focus powers.

The Erudite able to Dark knowledge without cost once per day and each use after requires 1 focus point to use. At lv6 may use Dark knowledge as a swift action for 1 extra focus. At lv11 they may use it as immediate action for 2 extra mental focus.

Dark knowledge is only effective against a single creature or creatures of the same type depending on the effect used. The creatures must be within 30 ft + 5ft per levels of the erudite and the erudite must be aware of the creature but doesn’t need line of sight. The effects of dark knowledge lasts 1 minute per Erudite level unless otherwise noted and stays centered on the Erudite. It takes a standard action and requires a knowledge role corresponding to the creature.

Tactics: The Erudite knows the general combat behaviors of creatures of that race, granting his allies a +1 bonus to attack rolls made against them and mentally adjusts himself and allies against it. For example, an Erudite confronted by Wumps who succeeded on his Knowledge (dungeoneering) check would grant his allies the attack bonus against all the wumps they fought in that encounter. If the Erudite succeeds on his Knowledge check by 10 or more, then this bonus increases to +2. If the Erudite succeeds on his Knowledge check by 20 or more, then this bonus increases to +3.

Puissance: Starting at 5th level, the Erudite can use his dark knowledge to help his allies fight off the corrupting influence of other creatures. Allies within 60 feet of the Erudite gain a +1 bonus on saving throws against the affected creature's abilities. If the Erudite succeeds on his Knowledge check by 10 or more, this bonus increases to +2. If the Erudite succeeds on his Knowledge check by 20 or more, this bonus increases to +3.

Dark Knowledge Focus powers

Foe: Starting at 8th level, an Erudite can direct his allies to attack vital spots of his enemies. On a successful Knowledge check, he grants them a bonus to weapon damage rolls made against the target creatures equal to 1d6 points of damage. If the Erudite succeeds on his Knowledge check by 10 or more, then this bonus increases to 2d6. If the Erudite succeeds on his Knowledge check by 20 or more, then this bonus increases to 3d6. This damage does not multiplied on a critical hit. This dark knowledge only lasts 1 round per erudite level.

Dread Secret: By speaking aloud a dread secret of the target creature, an Erudite of 11th level or higher can dazzle a target creature for 1 round. Unlike other dark knowledge, this ability can be used only against a single creature. If the Erudite succeeds on his Knowledge check by 10 or more, then the target is dazed for 1 round. If the Erudite succeeds on his Knowledge check by 20 or more, then the target is stunned for 1 round or dazed for 1 round if they are immune to stun.

Foreknowledge: Starting at 14th level, an Erudite can better prepare his allies for the attacks of the targeted creatures, making it harder for the creature to land blows and successfully deal damage. Allies within 30 feet of the Erudite gain a +1 insight bonus to Armor Class that applies to attacks by the affected creatures only. If the Erudite succeeds on his Knowledge check by 10 or more, this bonus increases to +2. If the Erudite succeeds on his Knowledge check by 20 or more, this bonus increases to +3.

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