Wrath of the Righteous Advice for two players.


So I am running a game for my brother and I through Wrath of the Righteous. I wanted to know if people had advice for small parties in PF1 and this AP or links to fixes/advice on the game.
Thank you all!

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This is funny, because my usual recommendation for a 2 man party is to throw a couple mythic tiers at it. You may still want to do that, just allowing them to start as mythic from level 1. But I'm not sure how this would work out by the end of the AP, as you usually end at Level 20/ Mythic 10. Maybe let them each have a free mythic cohort when things start getting really hard.

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In 3.5, doubling the enemy added 2 to CR.

By similar logic, halving the party increases all challenges by 2.

An easy compensation is to subtract 2 from all enemy rolls and DCs. Remember to lower the xp as well.

Gestalt adds a lot of options and a little extra power. That should make up for the difference in action economy.

You could run the encounters as written, but that means the two characters will advance twice as quickly, making later encounters in the campaign trivial.

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Are you comiited to having only 2 characters on the PC side? Give them Leadership style feats or allies for free. Maybe have each play 1 PC and 1 hireling/ally of the other.

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