So now that other APs are canonized officially...


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...Do you think there is chance of Paizo adding events to Hardcover version related to APs that happen in nearby countries during time period Kingmaker takes place over? I mean yeah, for some groups it might take ten years longer than to others, but its pretty likely to take at least five or so years :'D

I'd guess no, but it'd be cool if there were such kingdom events! Kingdom building in original AP was always lacking foreign politics and those were some of more interesting crpg events

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I'm unsure, but you can always add those bits in yourself. It should be even more fun if you mention events of other APs your players have previously done!

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I'm already somewhat doing this, actually! I'm sprinkling in little references to each Adventure Path in First Edition. Some of these are more overt, and some less so. Most of them are worth a little bit of dialogue in regards to hearing of news from other lands, but these next few will have direct impacts on the game. Since my game begins in 4710 AR, my players will experience events in this order during these times.

Around the Spring of 4712 AR, explorers from Minkai will eventually travel from an eastern route via the Castrovin Sea into Iobaria and towards the next civilized land over, which just so happens to be the player's kingdom. With Empress Ameiko Kaijitsu on the throne and the Jade Regent deposed, she seeks new allies, opening up the possibility for an alliance with Minkai. This eventually culminates in a samurai army joining up with the players during the War of the River Kings, along with the roleplay options of trading western and eastern goods.

During the Summer of 4713 AR, portals opened up across Golarion that spread out winter's chill. While the most famous one was in Taldor, the portal which a few heroes took after taking on the mantle of Baba Yaga's Black Rider, a portal also opens in the Stolen Lands. The group has the choice to make a Stability check to hire adventurers to close the portal, though the party can also choose to cross the portal into the frozen land of Irrisen. From there, they'll be able to explore a hex map which I swear I'll make eventually of the frozen kingdom. Though they shouldn't be exploring for long, as their goal should be to shut the portal from within the spires of the Winter Witch who opened it up. A few months later, they'll be contacted by the new Queen of Irrisen to open alliances. As I'm currently running Reign of Winter, this might actually be a chance for one of my player's characters to show up in Kingmaker as an NPC! Though if she doesn't take over Irrisen, I'll just use Anastasia.

Later on in that very same year, a group of crusaders will be sailing up the waterways past the nation's capital. They're a group headed to the Worldwound in order to fight the good fight. Little do my players know that this group would go on to close the Worldwound and lead the Fifth Crusade to glory. They'll have the option to fund their crusade and, if they do, a few of their underlings will return to their land as mercenaries.

Late in the year 4714, the birth of a new star will be seen in the skies above the kingdom, and the star will whisper things to the kingdom's intellectuals. They'll see marvelous visions of technology, and bring great productivity to the nation for a time. While some of them work on their tinkering, the name "Casandalee" is whispered from their lips.

In 4717 AR, the nation of Oprak is founded, and the young country of hobgoblins seeks allies. If my players have militarized their kingdom enough, they'll find Oprak to join them in a fast alliance.

I've not read this AP, but I assume Eutropia Stavan ascends to the throne of Taldor, and would seek an alliance as well.

FINALLY, in 4719, when my players have likely finished the campaign, they'll be able to not only send wealth, but offer their personal services in defending Absalom from Tar-Baphon himself. Will they kill him? Of course not. Will they kick legions of undead butt? Absolutely.

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I like how this thread has three messages one in 2019, another in 2020 and third in 2021 :D I'm breaking the pattern with this message unfortunately

Anyhoo, I like those ideas, though alliance with Minkai would be bit silly in that Minkai is on opposite side of world two continents away, so timely assistance seems unlikely logistics wise

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