Rene Auberjonois R.I.P


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Sad news. A terrific actor, will be missed.

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RIP loved Him on Deep Space Nine.

And Fallout New Vegas!

And Chef Louis! RIP.

I met him several times. Always a gentleman. I will miss him.

Sovereign Court

Freehold DM wrote:
I met him several times. Always a gentleman. I will miss him.

I'd love to hear more about it!

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I remember him being on my tv since I was a little kid. May he rest in peace.

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Also, Robert Walker Jr. who play Charlie Evans in the first season episode Charlie X and Star Trek writer DC Fontana both passed away last week.

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Rene was also the voice of Dr. Braxis on GOBOTS, which is a hugely 1980s deep cut.

Several friends of mine have posted on social media about his passing and mentioned him being on a show called "Benson," which they didn't really remember. Somehow, Benson was one of the many shows I followed through the 70s and 80s, so when he showed up as Odo, I thought of him as the mean guy from Benson. Two years ago I re-watched DS9 and was truly amazed at his portrayal of Odo. You know that the writers never have a truly cogent character and progression for these characters, but he did an amazing job of making Odo complex and believable, even portraying the alternate Odo from the episode where they were trapped in the Gamma quadrant for 20 years or something.

Not to mention his many guest roles on other series. Truly a giant of television. Star Trek is losing a lot of great people lately.

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