Oread Eldritch knight Idea. Could use some advice on base classes


So well playing some MTG today at a friends I had the idea to make a character that is a Oread Eldritch knight who focuses on Earth base magic and swings a maul around. I am just unsure of the Bases classes

The martial Side I am leaning toward Fighter for prof in all martial weapons and the feat(s)

the caster side I am wanting something that'll Boost my earth base magic

Lastly i am unsure if going Vmc Magus is worth it if there is enough earth spells to make use of the spellstrike (as i know the spells need to be on the magus list)

I like the combo of empyreal bloodline sorcerer (uses wisdom for casting stat) and sohei monk (gets the proficencies you need and adds wis mod to AC.)

Java Man wrote:
I like the combo of empyreal bloodline sorcerer (uses wisdom for casting stat) and sohei monk (gets the proficencies you need and adds wis mod to AC.)


what feats would you recommend for a 7 level build?

Unless you're actually playing a magus (not VMC) and can make use of spell blending effectively, earth spells + spellstrike isn't going to work for you.

The first question about an oread is whether alternate racial traits are on the table. A gemsoul oread could make for a great sorcadin, or an otherwise normal oread could take the oread gem magic trait.

e.g.1: gemsoul sorcadin:
Paladin 2 / Sorcerer (verdant) 6 / Eldritch knight X

1: amateur swashbuckler (dodging panache)
3: power attack
5: arcane armor training
7: encouraging spell
9: arcane armor mastery
Eldritch Knight 1: arcing weapon
11: spell penetration

Cha serves both classes. You're limited in what armor you can effectively wear, but you can dodge away from the worst trouble and casting spells buffs your AC. Once you can cast encouraging heroism (get a trait to remove the spell level cost?) saves shouldn't be any kind of problem.

e.g.2: oread (oread gem magic):
Fighter 1 / Wizard (conjuration/teleportation) 5 / Eldritch Knight X

1: combat expertise
Fighter 1: weapon focus
3: false focus
5: tumultuous spell
7: arcing weapon
Eldritch Knight 1: explosive weapon
9: spell penetration
11: quicken spell
Eldritch knight 5: strike true

More spellcasting-heavy. Swift action teleports at the end of the round enhance your mobility (while your metamagic messes with enemy mobility; tumultuous touch of gracelessness should be fun) and oread gem magic enhances a variety of earth spells. Get the best weapon enhancement bonus you can to make full use of arcing/explosive weapon. Remember to use gem magic and false focus; IIRC the Razmir-worship shouldn't be required in your game. Your armor is the mage armor spell and (when desired) combat expertise.


I see.

I think i'll go the Gem Magic route.

what stats would you recommend (20 point buy for this build)

Java Man's suggestion does work with gem magic BTW.

Anyway with mine then Str 14+2=16, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 15, Wis 12+2=14, Cha 7-2=5 works if you're OK dumping Cha hard (take a trait to make one social skill work off Int please, if you do). Your base AC and saves aren't what they might be, hence all the 14s.


a few questions I need answers to

1: I'm thinking of just going to Pure wizard and focusing mostly Earth theme magic. what spells know do you think i should grab (Starting level 3)

2 and is there rules for buying extra spells to start with for wizard?

The trouble with spells with the earth descriptor (and/or acid) is that they are seldom encounter-enders. There's interesting stuff there and a lot of very niche spells but you may need to refluff a lot of spells which aren't really earth-related to make a theme.

A few to note anyway - earth tremor (3) and obsidian flow (4) are useful battlefield control later. Stone call (2) may be useful BFC now but it requires other players who are willing to devote some resources to handling difficult terrain. Create pit (2) & its successors are easily refluffed as earth magic.

There are a bunch of touch range spells which are either earth/acid (calcific touch, corrosive touch) or easily refluffed as such (touch of gracelessness) but making a single-classed wizard work in melee is tricky. They don't have the HP or saves for it, and want at least one round to buff (sometimes two) before marching in and casting those touch spells. Using spell slots on buffing can easily restrict them to 1-2 combats/day.

It's also possible to make a wizard blaster who uses acid by default.

Re buying spells - you can generally buy scrolls and copy them into your spellbook, a kinder GM may allow you to swap spells with other wizards for just the copying cost, or perhaps twice that cost, but it's not guaranteed.

BTW with the gem magic eldritch knight I forgot they'd also get a bonus feat at wizard 5. Move tumultuous spell there and you could get swordplay style at character level 5.

@ AVR well ok
what spells do you think i should take for eldritch knight build

Y'know, it's not like I said the pure wizard was impossible. Those problems aren't actually insurmountable...

Anyway with that EK by spell level:

1) The level of buffs. Mage armor, shield, enlarge person. All possible to fluff as layers of earth IMO. If you really like enlarge person then you might swap out one of those feats for combat reflexes. Enlarge + longhammer = very large threatened area.

2) Mirror image doesn't refluff well but it still might be worth getting. Otherwise you're starting attack spells here: tumultuous corrosive touch perhaps, if you get a trait to reduce the cost then tumultuous touch of gracelessness, create pit for a bit of battlefield control.

3) Slow may be more thematic than haste but both are useful. Also clay skin is a long duration defensive buff. Raging rubble might be useful with oread gem magic.

4) Calcific touch is scary with oread gem magic. Stoneskin is enhanced by it too.

Remember though you're a wizard. The cost to know glitterdust or whatever is very low compared to a sorc, you can have a lot of spells.

@ Avr

Thank you. Thank you for always trying to help me with character concepts

Truth be told I bounce from one character from another cause I need something that I will not "shove down and air shaft " as my GM puts it.

when I first started playing D&D and such I always Did a front-line Dps
character as I have trouble with non-combat characters

I Tried making a cha base character before but I have trouble using the social skills as In RL i have bad social anxiety and have the time do not know what to say in a give moment (its sad my social anxiety carries over to my characters :/ ) I mean if i'm jking around with friends its fine but if we are playing a mission (or as we call it doing an episode) and I would need to make a bluff or diplomacy check i might as well just fall on a sword cause i just can't

and the way we do the social skill makes it hard cause the GM and players want there to be actual diplomacy as i would need to come up with the line and i just can't do that on the spot :/

so i normally do anti social combat character lol

Like I see Humans get something called silver tongue that improved how much you can shift a creatures attitude with diplomacy. i wish i could build a character around that and be able to play it

any ways truth be told if i where to do just a pure wizard should i still spoecialise in Conjuration / Teleport or should I do another

There is also a fact i forgot to mission My group dose not normally bother with material components , just its how it been since before i join the group. out side of the gems for the gem magic i would not need the items. so i actually don't need false focuses

so with that said how would you do the feats?

Conjuration/teleportation subschool is useful for a pure wizard; getting away from your enemies is especially useful to them, and conjuration is a good school to have a bonus spell from. There are uses for several others (e.g. transmutation, divination/foresight, evocation/admixture, some of the elemental schools) but teleport's a good one.

I'd included false focus for the gem magic because those are additional material components which FF should cover. If you're OK with using actual gems then your EK might get combat reflexes instead there. i.e.

1: combat expertise
Fighter 1: weapon focus
3: combat reflexes
5: swordplay style
Wizard 5: tumultuous spell
7: arcing weapon
Eldritch Knight 1: explosive weapon
9: spell penetration
11: quicken spell
Eldritch knight 5: strike true

On stage fright, I found it helped to have a few lines prepared and then to use one when it seemed at all relevant. It also helps to be the one starting the conversation rather than being called upon. No one has absolutely fixed skills (Cha is an in-game mechanic, not out of game reality) and it's possible to learn to deal with situations you're not currently comfortable with. It also helps to not to have to roll a 20 on a d20 if the GM's not sure how the NPC will react.

Deep Marshall Magus kinda has that earthy mage-warrior feel.

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