Survival anyone?


Anyone have any experience with Survival? In the description and on all the examples how it works it talks about being outdoors I don't see any mention of indoors inside dungeons etc. Is this skill only used outdoors? If you have selected the skill in the past would love to hear your experiences and even if you haven't still interested to hear some good uses from this skill.

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It is entirely campaign dependent. The main thing Survival can do for you when you aren't in the wild is find,identify, and follow tracks.

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If your campaign uses downtime at all, survival or society can be used to avoid paying hard cash to subsist.

If you ignore PCs needing to eat, drink and get by in life from one week to the next, that removes one arrow from the survival quiver.

Nothing says you don't need Survival to, well, survive just because you're down a dungeon.

If you're never more than a few hours in the dungeon before you retreat back to drink ale at the tavern, sure, you don't need Survival.

But if you're asked to survive on whatever grubs and rats you might find in subterranean caverns, find potable water, avoid getting lost or eating poisonous fungi, the Survival seems like the tool for the task.

Zapp wrote:

But if you're asked to survive on whatever grubs and rats you might find in subterranean caverns, find potable water, avoid getting lost or eating poisonous fungi, the Survival seems like the tool for the task.

The problem is that even lvl 1 spellcaster characters could do something about that even without Survival.

Cleric and druids ( eventually primal or divine sorcerers ) have purify food and drink by lvl 1.

A druid healer has goodberries.

Probably the best use would be to follow or cover tracks, avoid getting lost ( even if there is the know direction cantrip ) or eventually Hunt something to eat ( if you can't sustain yourself through magic ).

I allow survival to recall knowledge about wild animals and dangerous (even monstrous) plants. Don't think that is RAW, but it makes enough sense to me, and it hasn't broken our game yet.

"The problem" being something that could partially overlap if party includes those classes (whose own abilities overlap) ...And they have nothing better to do like healing or Focus regen etc. OK. Not even sure how you can 'purify' food and water that you haven't been able to find, the spell doesn't find bugs and dew traps for you.

Generally, I don't see why it wouldn't work in many natural caverns and even old ill-maintained man-made dungeons or structures which have developed their own ecosystem, even if the DCs would be harder for marginal ecologies like that. (some parts of Darklands even having more significant ecology than just bare caves) Certainly that doesn't mean it always works, but I don't think a narrow definition of "outdoors" is required for it to.

Sense Direction is good if you don't want to get lost. It helps deal with natural hazards like quicksand, and can serve as Init score when Tracking (unfortunately only made clear in Wilderness Spotter's mention of normal functioning). Tracking can even cover planar shifting. Besides the Survey Wildlife which enables anticipatory Recall Knowledge as well as general info, there is Wilderness Spotter to always use Survival as Init score in chosen terrain and to replace Peception to notice natural hazards. Legendary Feat gives you immunity to extreme hot/cold damage/penalties as well as not need to eat/drink at all. Ranger has specific augments to it, To the End of the Earth allowing to always know specific location of Hunted Target.

EDIT: It really seems reasonable for Survival to also work for building 'natural' type Traps like concealed pits or trip snares (and for noticing them, if you have Wilderness Spotter). Honestly this needs to be Errata'd in RAW (or if they do additional skill usages in APG).

No offense, but I was referring to poisonus stuff.

Also, both divine and primal have create water by lvl 1.

Finally, I am talking about lvl 1. Imagine lvl 2 spells, when you get create food.

Unfortunately casters can pass through some walls, even by Early lvls.

I mean, sure, you can use Survival to Subsist in a dungeon. If that's the case, the dungeon is basically qualifying as "the wilderness." It is also only really necessary if you have a meaningful ration and water limit. And sure, sometimes you will, but if you're not leaving town for more than a week you can probably just buy food and water to get you through it anyway.

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