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If I have a tiny lizard familiar that I equip with a tiny saddle and speech abilities. The GM impose the list in the book without having special stats for a particular type of lizard.

If I cast an enlarge on the lizard it is now a large lizard. I used it as a mount since it is now larger than me . The command animals is used for mount but it is also an intelligent familiar that has speech.

Can other members of the group talk to it to issue a command to my mount with nature skill or they can just talk to it since it has speech and issue command without roll?

The command animal looks like we are talking to a dumb animal that has some minus in intelligence but if we use just the bonus from the familiar it gives a zero bonus. On the inverse my GM apply a -5 penalty to all my order to an unseen servant because it has -5 in int. Do you normally apply the -4 penalty to command a riding horse because it has a -4 in int?

Does the ride feat has any impact since It is a familiar that we can issue command normally?

What are the final stats of my large lizard?
The enlarge give a +2 to damage , Reach is 10 feet and clumsy 1 from the spell
there is 3 weapon increase from the weapon descriptions
the attack original damage is not specified.

If I equip my familiar with the manipulate object ability and a Weapon can it carry someone and also attack with a weapon?

Does appyling some of the giant frilled lizard stats would be right since this is the only example of large lizard in the bestiary and which of the stats you keep?

The familiar swallow something does it shrink when the spell finish, so we cannot feed it during the spell duration? If it can swallow something what it the biggest size of creature it can eat during that time to make a corpse disappear?

The price of the saddle is include in buying a mount so what is the price of it for a tiny one? Do we need headgear since we talk to it?

Can I equip my familiar with barding? Since a normal horse is trained to wear it without having to spend a feat do we use the stats for barding in the book or there is some penalty?

If the spell is Heightened to a huge creature how many people can ride? Elephant are also huge but the bestiary does not mention it

The Exchange

James jacobs discussion on what a familiar was intended to be

Familiars have NO stat modifiers and use their master's level as the modifier (p217). This means that Enlarge do not change stats since they have no stats. It also means that you can NOT give them stats from normal or similar animals

Familiars cannot attack with the exception of delivering touch spells with the specific ability of "Spell Delivery" since they are not intended as attack buddies

I do not know if the familiar can be ridden out of combat and for fluff purposes (I assume it could be but I can not find any comment on that). All the questions about mundane items etc are more fluff questions since since it uses the masters AC and never gets item bonuses, there would be no benefit to equipping it with barding

If it has the speech ability, other PCs could talk to it

I have never heard of any summoned creature taking a penalty to command due to low intelligence. If a creature knows a trick, it performs it with a successful Command action. It might be unable to comprehend a complex request but it would not have a problem with commands it knows. You do NOT apply a penalty to riding animals when you use the Command Animal due to low intelligence

I have never heard of applying a -5 modifier for unseen servant (it can do the actions listed and doesn't need command checks since it understands the creator)

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