Gestalt post-lvl 20


Not sure if this should be in Advice or Rules, but I think I'm more concerned with advice instead of rules, so...

Anywho, my current gestalt campaign is at level 14 and I'd like to have the campaign go to level 25, maybe 30 maximum. Does anyone have a good resource for rules (or guidelines) and/or advice of how to do this?

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I don't know if Pathfinder alone can handle that, even using Mythic rules, may have to bust out the 3.x Epic Levels handbook.

Your best bet would to just multiclass past level 20, or to use prestige classes. Going Mythic after level 20 would be a good way to simulate continued power growth, though you may also be able to jury-rig something using the alternative capstones recently released.

Jesse's DnD

I found Jesse's DnD Epic Pathfinder Guide and skim-read through it and it seems pretty good. Anyone used this before?

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