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I have a few questions

- Can a player use "Heroic Recovery" when he die by a disintegrate spell ?

- Can a general item bonuses stack with a specific item bonuses ?

Exemple: If an item give you +2 for all craft check and another one give you +1 but only for repair. Do you have +3 for repair action and +2 for other craft actions ?

1) quote from the errata


Page 460: Under Heroic Recovery, replace the first sentence with the following to align with other places in

the text that discuss spending Hero Points.

“If you have at least 1 Hero Point (page 467), you can spend all of your remaining Hero Points at the start of your turn or when your dying value would increase.

You lose the dying condition entirely and stabilize with 0 Hit Points.
You don’t gain the wounded condition or increase its value from losing the dying condition in this way, but if you already had that condition, you don’t lose it or decrease its value.”

2) there are 3 bonuses categories:

- Status bonus
- item bonus
- circumstance bonus

2 of the same category don't stack, and you only apply the highest available in that specific situation.

As for thr repair stuff, I am also not sure you can count bonuses meant for craft. I think crafting and repair are separate checks even with the same skill, but I could be wrong given how skills work.

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