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Howdy all, I'm just poking my head around to see if there is interest at running this kind of game, I have lots of idea but want to do a short game based in Nazi Occupied Paris 1942--
The game taking place in the city during the occupation your characters Being spies from the allied forces.

If there are any folks out there familiar with the D20 Call of Cthulhu system and are interested in playing a short-mid length game involvong Nazis, Allied spies, Eldritch horrors, and possibly zombies- Then just let me know. I'll be taking 1-3 players becuase the nature of the system favors smaller groups(you don't want 5 normal dudes bashing the s$$+ out of a deep one because action economy)

Interested. Long time D&D/Pathfinder player who's somewhat familiar with CoC rules but never played.

Please be aware this is D20 CoC so it's basically D&D 3.5 in most respects: the biggest difference being the Insanity, Magic, and character "Class" systems

You don't really have a class but instead have a Proffession that gives you a list of skills you can put ranks In, I will be homebrewing some things because I do think having ambidextrous and two weapon fighting as two separate feats sucks. As well as using the condensed skills that Pathfinder uses for perception, Stealth, Acrobatics and such

Like- to make it simple: you're basically playing as a human Expert in D&D- the system is super easy to convert other rules from other D20 systems.

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I would be willing to play. I should warn you, however, that my Call of Chthulu experience is only from a single session at a con once where my gangster blew his insanity check and tpk'ed the party.

Good times.

How long would we have to create characters? I have an entire 30-ish page character primer to remake for a game that I was supposed to have a recruitment up for a few days ago and will be working on that on and off for about the next week or two. I have an obligation as a GM to see things through, so I want to find out if I have time to mess around with creating a character for this once it goes up.

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I would definitely be up for playing. I loved Chaosium's Call of Cthuhlu, and I think I played some of the d20 version as well back in the day.

Well, I only have the rules for the D20 becuase I'm flat broke and can't afford to play for the newest rules :P but have the D20 rules laying about.

As for how lomg you'd have to make the acharacter- For now this is just an interest check, While I set up the actual rules, Homebrewing and all that. I'm planning on running this with my in person group as a kinda tester game before bringing it here- If it goes well I'll bring it here in full, becuase I know folks round here are better mannered than my RL party who likes to just shoot everything.

D20 Call of Cthulhu in Nazi Occupied Paris 1942, safe to say there is interest :)

The question is what different types of characters would we be limited to?

Robert Henry wrote:

D20 Call of Cthulhu in Nazi Occupied Paris 1942, safe to say there is interest :)

The question is what different types of characters would we be limited to?

Sorry for the delay in response:

Your characters will be informants for American/British Spies, You can be a Soviet agent, American agent, British agent, French local, Or a tourist who got caught up in the middle of the occupation- I will allow Nazi Turncoats as well under some limitations I will line up when I create the real Recruitment- which I have finished creating the rules for and will have up soon.

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