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The spell in question is Black Tentacles. If an enemy gets shoved into the area of black tentacles would the tentacles immediately make a grapple check vs the enemy? Or would the spell not do anything until it was the enemy's turn and even then it would wait till the end of the enemys turn before any grapple attempt would ever be made?

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I do believe the tentacles immediately make a grapple attempt as the creature is pushed into its area. So far as waiting until the end if an enemies turn for the grab attempt, notice the "if they haven't already," wording.

This implies that the black tentacles would be making grapple attempts against anyone within its area at the earliest opportunity, since black tentacles doesnt specify when it triggers.

Wow I never read it like that but I think you may he right. I and some others read it that the enemy would be able to enter the Tentacled area, attack, and run out without having to make a saving throw. But I don't believe that is correct now. Your interpretation makes the most sense for a 5th level spell.

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