Barbarian build for maximum damage


I was looking at the barbarian, and it looked so much fun with that giant sized weapon(Titan Mauler) :D

So far I have
Class : Barbarian (Titan Mauler)

What else should I go for?

Weapon: Falchion 1D10? for sweep and forceful?

What talents should I go for? and if I want to optimize damage should I looking into multiclass archtypes, and if so what should I go for?

Race? no idea here

Any advice will be much appriciated :)

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I suggest you a shifting 2h weapon.

Great Pick for single target damage

Great axe for swipe attack

Polearm if you want something middle ground ( but remember that given enemies in reach, expend ing 1 action to shift weapon is worth it )

Race are almost the same to me.

You probably won't even need natural ambition that much, cause your lvl 1 feats are not so good.

As for multiclassing, i would go fighter for power attack and furious focus.

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