Best bard spells for a Battle Herald?


Battle Herald is intended to be entered with a combination of levels in Cavalier/Samurai and Bard (though Bard may now be replaced with Exemplar Brawler, Sensei Monk, Oath of the People's Council Paladin or, GM permitting, Ocean's Echo Oracle). Thing is Bard is an arcane caster and Battle Herald wants heavy armor, so the Bard's spellcasting is largely unusable (though you still can use wands without issue), but they still have two first level spells to pick. What spells work around this best?
My initial ideas:
Undetectable Alignment (cast it before putting armor on and lasts all day)
Fastidiousness (Same)
Unseen Servant (Only lasts an hour, but can help put on armor)

Druid/Range spells via Voice of the Wild:
Endure Elements (another 24 hours spell)

Any other suggestions?

True strike doesn't require somatic components...

Ooh, that's a nice one!

Liberating Command is an easy pick, even before you notice it doesn’t have a somatic component and isn’t subject to spell failure. Timely Inspiration is similarly verbal only with immediate action economy.

Tears to Wine just because it’s Tears to Wine. I guess Heightened Awareness is great, but I would wand that when possible.

Edit: true strike isn’t on the bard spell list.

Don't know if you also would consider an Evangelist cleric.

Disguise self, ears of the city and nature's paths are out of combat spells. However! There's a druidic (divine spellcaster) bard, the filidh who can wear dragonhide full plate and still cast spells once they get proficiency, and a psychic bard who can wear any armour & still cast spells with the right proficiency - the speaker of the Palatine Eye.

BTW bard 4 / cavalier 1 works as well as bard 1 / cavalier 4 to enter. You can easily have more than a brace of first level spells to throw around.

I forgot to list Evangelist Cleric, but did know about it.

Considered Speaker of the Palatine Eye, but dismissed it because of how easily psychic casting is shut down and how much the Mesmerist list focused on spells with saves. Perhaps I was too quick to give up on the idea, as there are some non-combat spells on the list. Not having the bard list for wands still hurts.

I knew bard 4/cavalier 1 was valid ("a combination of levels in"), but it still runs into the same armor problem.

The filidh gets the standard bard spell list. Heroism and mirror image are some second level bard spells which remain useful at higher levels.

A filidh loses Inspire Courage and can't qualify for Battle Herald. Also no-metal armor makes them annoyingly dependent upon dragonscale.

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