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Oracle Playtest

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First off, thanks to Lyz Liddell and the Paizo team for coming up with the things being brought to the Playtest and (possibly) the future APG.

Secondly, I unfortunately did not have the opportunity to test this class out in play.

Thirdly, a thought occured to me today, that I hadn't seen mentioned any other place, and then it started meandering into the Force (of Star Wars fame) and kind of brought it back.

What if the Oracular Curses have three different types, with a 'slow-burn/always on(PF1)' sort, a 'use with increasing penalties(PF2PT)' type and a 'Moar Dakka, moar damage(PF1 Kineticist)'?

This would help those looking at Oracle differentiate the class from 'cookie cutter' syndrome, and it would also cater to a much broader base of playstyle. Desires in character choices would still have meaning, but it would be variable (and possibly prevent the 'useless after *x* uses issues).

In addition, if a broader range of choices were allowed for each Mystery/Revelation/Curse (perhaps not all, perhaps only one or two) then the choices involved could be much more significant -- ie, the 'angry healer' who gradually becomes more and more enraged as their team gets hurt, the fire combatant that starts leaking life-stuff everywhere if they take too much damage, or the melee combatant that starts to see less far as their eyes begin to cloud with unnatural rage (not a barbarian rage, mind, just the 'tunnel vision' that some folks can get when truly irate).

Thank you for your time.

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Thanks for reading and contributing to the conversation! I've gotten so much wonderful feedback and great ideas from everyone. Now to put them all into the hopper and see what comes out. :D

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I feel many recent posts are dancing around the issue of the role the curse should play from the beginning of an Oracle's story to their growth in power.

It reminded me of a most interesting take on the madness that was the curse of the Malkavian clan in Vampire the Masquerade. In the Malkavian clanbook, it was proposed that the true defining trait of the Malkavians was that they could see reality as it really was. And it gave them both their powers and their "curse".

I think this could be a clue we could investigate for the Oracle. A curse that is here from the beginning and the more the Oracle delves into it, the stronger their beneficial powers but also the stronger the curse.

BTW Wei Ji, I like your ideas here and also the examples you gave. Characters that are so deeply involved in an aspect of reality that it impacts their environment.

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