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Silver Crusade

I have a question in regards to the Blade Ally for the Champion.

It is pretty straight forward for a melee weapon.

Can it also apply to a missile weapon like a bow or crossbow? For example if a Champion wanted to to make his/her weapon “ Ghost Touch”, could it be done on the bow or crossbow and the benefits of “ghost touch” transfer to the arrows/bolts as they are expended in combat.

I didn’t see where this was asked before, but if it was I apologize.

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I see no reason why that wouldn't work, as the weapon gains the "effects" of the rune and not the rune itself. The Blade Ally ability does not say that the weapon must meet any requirements.

I don't think that is unreasonable. I would say that for returning the property would probably only apply to the bow, as it's the weapon that is typically thrown with returning and not "ammunition" of that weapon. On top I suppose ammunition is consumable and definitely destroyed on use after the errata, so returning it wouldn't benefit the Champ anyway.

Scarab Sages

this.. this right here is why we have so many questions in society. I would love for a ruling on "this is what the class power does ignore the fine print on the runes" or.. "your champion should be using a melee weapon and not hanging out in the back anyway you weirdo.."

can anyone please let me know about this for society? (mileage may vary is wonderful and all, however the halfling with a sling staff in the group is very interested in "shifting" rune property)

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