Con of the North 2020 Feb 14-16 Plymouth MN (about 40 min from Twin Cities)

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Hi friends. I've inherited this convention. It's a pretty good time, although February in MN is a hard sell. :D

The Con is free if you only want to run games (referee badge) or register as a Judge if you want the option to play as well. Con of the North Website to register for the con.

I need lots of volunteers for games. GM sign up form here!!

The main hotel is sold out but there are shuttles from others. It works well!

If you need a ride from the airport that can also be arranged.

We'd love to see you!


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How do you inherit a convention, Jolene?

CotN is a fun and well-organized convention. Remember that Jolene is an HQ goddess. It will be smooooth, and with a fun crowd of gamers.

Come on, please join us!



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I would love to come back and visit you again. Unfortunately, it will not be for this next con.

I am sure you will organize a wonderful time for everyone and hope you have lots of early volunteers.

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Minnesota in Februari wasnt that bad :)


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I have a room reserved already (from end of con last year) and am hoping to fill out the GM survey tomorrow on my first day off this week.


Signed up at Judge Level, three slots of work requested, including Specials.

Looking forward to seeing folks there!

Dark Archive 5/5 ⦵⦵ Venture-Captain, Minnesota—Minneapolis aka Silbeg

Look forward to seeing you!

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