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Good day, fellow gamers!

I am posting here because we need a new GM for a Wrath of the Righteous Play-by-Post we're doing. Real life medical issues have unfortunately forced our GM to step away from the game, and we are looking to continue the campaign!

We just finished Book 1 of the AP, and leveled up to 6 with our first Mythic Tier. The Gameplay thread can be found here. The current cast of characters is:

Balthasar Heimrin, Human Cavalier (Standard Bearer) 4/Paladin (Holy Tactician) 2//Marshal 1, wielder of Radiance
Arianna Bienan, Half-Elf Unchained Rogue 6//Trickster 1
Bitey Nice Nice, "Nail Dog" (Goblin) Barbarian (Feral Gnasher) 6//Guardian 1
Thrall the Lucky, Half-Orc Warpriest (Arsenal Chaplain) 6//Champion 1
Serena the Hyperborean, Human Sorcerer 6//Archamage 1

Please feel free to check out the Gameplay thread, and decide if we're the right group for you to run through this AP!

I would consider taking over this. I have the AP books. I'm not caught up reading gameplay yet but liking what I'm seeing.

Did some of the original players drop/die?

We had several of the original players drop. The five listed are the ones who remain.

We originally had a paladin of Shelyn who had Radiance. My original idea for my character was to dip bard and go for the Battle Herald Prestige Class, since we had so many people who would be making attack rolls, but after the paladin was forced to drop from the game, I chose to switch it up for Holy Tactician Paladin so that Radiance would stay in the party.

That's a good idea, I like to have Radiance in there. I ran the first book table top for my group but no one rolled a divine character, so surprise surprise, they wiped at the first sign of demonic trouble.

I have a trip this weekend, but should have access to a computer. Let me read through gameplay, and you guys can ask me any questions about my experience or style, and then when I get back if you think I fit, I'll take it up for you guys.

Glad to hear! I'll make sure everyone knows.

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Thank you so very much for considering this! I know it's difficult to jump into the gm role midway with an established group.

That said I'm the rogue (unchained variant) for the group. If you'd like my discord is @Traskus#0818 . I'd be happy to help you get up to speed with the game.

As you've probably noticed, I'm the party's Sorcerer. o wo/ I've got a 3PP bloodline (Hyperborean), although honestly it's pretty mild as third-party options go. XD Mostly just supports my selection of light-based spells.

Awesome, I'd love to set a time to discord about group expectations and play style. I'm GMT -7 in the Rocky mountains. So let me know a time and we can do that.

Hyperborean is fine for 3pp you are right, it is quite mild and more thematic. A nice alternative to the relatively under powered celestial bloodline. The counterspell darkness is a nice touch over the celestial resistances.

I'm GMT-5. I can typically do real-time Discord after 8 PM my time during the week, although with a new baby, it may be difficult sometimes.

We were also looking at doing a bit more 3PP besides Serena's bloodline. The previous GM was going to have us use the additional Mythic Rules on the Spheres of Power wiki, which does include one feat I'd intended to take, Mythic Leadership (after regular Leadership, of course). I took the Natural-Born Leader trait as well to go with that. If Leadership isn't something you would want to deal with, I'd ask to swap that trait for a different social trait that makes sense for the character.

I'll check into those rules, It shouldn't be a problem since this AP has actual large scale battles and such and they are much easier to deal with in PBP than in table top in my opinion.

I think I'm GMT-8? West Coast of the US, anyway. Discord is generally no problem for me.

I'm also the administrator of the Spheres of Power Wiki there, and I'm uploading some additional rules from those books. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions about the material. XD (It's generally solid stuff. Lots of mythic feats, spells, et cetera, plus suggestions for avoiding the common problems.)

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I am GMT -5 or central standard time. I almost always have discord open but am most active in the afternoon - overnight hours.

Hi. I'm the party Warpriest, big melee orc guy, and I'm GMT+1 (Spain). I use discord on the mobile for some app gaming, so I guess I'm able to check often during the day.

I am about fifteen pages in and enjoying everyone's characters a lot. It's a bummer that some of them dropped, but five(right?) is more than enough for this campaign.

I haven't checked sheets yet, I'm about fifteen pages into gameplay, Red are you guys using SoP?

If everyone who has discord would add me Bane88#1033 that would be sweet. Easier to use a chat/talking platform than to have a freeform conversation over forum.

I'm pretty sure this game isn't using Spheres of Power - although it probably could, if anyone wants to. I mean, we have Mythic Spheres of Power rules now and everything. (If nothing else, I'd encourage using the Mythic Traditions. They're cool.)

I haven't checked that out much, Rednal. Is it SoP only material, or is it also SoM friendly?

@ToxicStar: will add you as soon as I hit "Submit Post".

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6 players would be so much better.. gives some redundancy.. ;o)

We were not using Spheres of Power at all, as we really only have two spellcasters, Thrall and Serena. Paladins don't really count, and I just multiclassed into it.

I guess by SoP he also means SoM and all that's related to it.

Whelp I've not heard back from paizo so I'll likely start a new thread and post the link when I get home or early tomorrow.

ToxicStar wrote:
Whelp I've not heard back from paizo so I'll likely start a new thread and post the link when I get home or early tomorrow.

As someone who's taken over a PbP before it took upwards of two months to get Paizo to switch GM privileges over. Good luck on continuing your AP, I almost threw my hat in but ToxicStar is going to be a better fit for the group.

Alright fam, time to nail down some particulars. I believe you are all back at the inn, Defender's Heart. So literally right at the start of Book 2.

I have a couple of house rules that are common in my games. They are as follows,

1. Power attack, deadly aim, weapon finesse, and arguably like gateway feats are just combat options. Everyone counts as "having them" for prereqs. Feel free to leave them on your sheets if you like the reminder, just take a feat to replace the cost of purchasing said tax.

2. I like to use a compounding crit system for some very rare Uber heroic combat happenings. basically it works the same as regular crit system with the following caveats, If you roll a natural 20 on a crit confirmation roll, you double your crit modifier. I.E a 20 roll on a confirmation with a longsword changes the damage multiplier to a x4 the same with a scythe a x8. If you roll a 20 on confirmation you are also granted a bonus roll that has no effect save one. If you roll a third natural 20, you will heroically and in an epic fashion described by me, or if you have a particularly awesome idea in mind just write it out right there post roll, kill the target outright.

If everyone would sound off either here or in the discussion page, when I know the group is ready, I'll open a new campaign and get us rolling.

Feel free to ask clarifying questions or any questions really, of course.

Any change we need to do to Mythic feats? I know many GMs have their own take on those, since some of them are quite powerful, like Mythic Power Attack.

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I'm here and very excited to continue this adventure!
You are correct that we were back at the Inn, we were in a meeting with some scouts from the queen's army currently.

Jereru wrote:
Any change we need to do to Mythic feats? I know many GMs have their own take on those, since some of them are quite powerful, like Mythic Power Attack.

Correct, Mythic versions of feats still need to be taken, you would just be counted as having regular power attack for example even though it didn't officially cost you a feat.

Bitey here... Bitey forget he had to keep track this too. Bitey sorry...

Bitey needs to change out finesse. Agile maneuvers count on that list of gate keeping or no?

Bitey Nice Nice wrote:

Bitey here... Bitey forget he had to keep track this too. Bitey sorry...

Bitey needs to change out finesse. Agile maneuvers count on that list of gate keeping or no?

Yes it counts. basically like DND 5th, you can use dex automatically for light or slashing weapons if you want.

Okay, Thrall is ready to go, changed Power Attack for Furious Focus (and had to adjust the level at which it is gained to fulfill the BAB requisite).

One question for the rest of the players: do we have any money? I've checked my gear and only found a couple of coins, a masterwork weapon and a cheap armor. Is that more or less what we should have?

I'm ready! I'll need to doublecheck my level to be sure that's right, but otherwise, I'm ready to go.

Bitey ready boss guy.

Balthasar is swapping Power Attack for Dazzling Display.

Thrall, we don’t have any coin. The loot list has the things we’ve found that we can barter for things.

Ahhh, right, yeah, now I remember. Gonna have a look at it and see if there's something I can trade for a better armour. Thank you, man :)

Edit: there is some interesting loot there, you guys should have a look. If no one claims the Cloak of Protecting, Thrall will gladly give it a home. He'd also like to check if there's a proper armour there in exchange for some of the masterwork weapons and other expensive things we will not use.

Alright folks, New Gameplay is up. Feel free to start it back up.

Post in discussion and we can just get rolling again.

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