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What are the limitations to movement in zero G using Psychokinetic Hand on yourself?

You are weightless, so I assume you can "push" something on yourself to propel around in zero G.

But once you get moving you start to generate energy and reach the limits of Psychokinetic Hand.

So how fast can you go? And would it give you excellent mobility at slow speeds?

Thanks for any insight!

The gravity rules are buried in here, and Psychokinetic Hand (PH) is here.

The relevant Zero Gravity rules boil down to this; creatures in motion stay in motion until they hit something that forces them to stop, and can propel themselves by pushing off a creature or object not more than one size category smaller than them. Creatures can throw objects to reorient themselves if Off-Kilter, but this does not move them. Creatures and objects may be effectively weightless, but there is still a carrying capacity limit, which is 10 times higher than normal.

PH can target an object of no more than 1 bulk. PH is not a character and the spell's target restriction is not a carrying capacity as such, but it's fairly reasonable to let it benefit from zero g and thus have a bulk limit of 10. However, Raxilites and Stelliferas exist and are quite light, so if there are any shenanigans to be found here, they can potentially work with either limit.

There are two ways PH could be used to maneuver in zero gravity. The first is that you simply use it to keep an object close enough to push off of. So long as it fits within PH's bulk limit and is not more than one size category smaller than yourself, you can move it along with you. You can then push off this object to move at half your land speed, causing it to move in the opposite direction at half speed. Most races have a land speed of 30', and will therefore move away at 15', and change the object's speed by 15' in the opposite direction. PH has a movement limit of 15' and a range of 25' plus 5' per 2 levels, so if you allow momentum to add up rather than overriding, you can potentially repeat this multiple times at higher levels. It will be slow and ungainly and you'll eventually probably move out of range, but it's something. Maneuverability with this method will be poor with a single object, but improves if you can pull other objects out of the environment.

The other way is to directly impart momentum with PH by pushing against yourself with an object, and my gut feeling is that's probably illegal by RAW. The zero g rules do not actually cover objects imparting momentum on characters, so there's no real guidance. The closest you can get are pushing off of objects as covered above, or latching on to them. You could potentially do the latter, but the rules are written to suggest they refer primarily to fixed objects. And on top of all that, there's the question of whether this even fits within the spell's effects, since those are quite limited to moving unattended objects and not creatures.

Using PH to use an object to directly propel someone as a watered down Telekineses in cantrip form probably has no actual effect, but at the GM's discretion could have something all the way up to a 15' per round acceleration. Presuming that you can convince them that pushing yourself with an object using PH doesn't violate its target restriction, and that the combined bulk of the system doesn't violate its limits. Maneuverability with this method could potentially be quite good compared to the baseline, as you basically get clumsy bootleg spaceflight out of a cantrip if your GM allows it to work.

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