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I'm working on a way to map out the families of Golarion's languages. So far, what I have is this:

Languages of Golarion.

If you want to save a copy of the original drawing to edit yourself, here it is.

Where is this from?

Like where did you get Skald from Jistkan and Dwarven, etc?

Thank you for sharing this but my question is the same as Vagrant-Poet's.

...There're quite a few assumptions you've made there...

Neat idea, though!

Perhaps a little more tinkering & tracking down as much info on the topic as you can may lead to something even neater! Picking a developer's brain if you can might be a good place to start - maybe try Jacobs' thread (if he doesn't pop in here)?

Carry on,


3.5 gave each of its languages an alphabet. This has been cut in PF aside from a mention Druidic has its own, but what was in the chart for non-human languages may still be true. Sharing an alphabet would imply some links.

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This is pretty neat!

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