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Gathering might bonus stack with size bonus from elemental overflow?

And i cant understand how Mobile gathering works

Gather might is an alchemical bonus. Probably To make it stack with elemental overflow's size bonus.

Normally when you gather power you spend a move action doing nothing but that. No movement except a 5' step. With mobile gathering you can move half your speed while using gather power. It's not a lot but sometimes it will matter.

Take a look at the outflank teamwork feat. Doubles your flanking bonus to +4 and also when your ally scores a crit, you get an AoO on the enemy. And when you score a crit your ally gets an AoO of course. Not all teamwork feats are a waste of time.

Mobile gathering just lets you move at half speed while gathering power. As a melee kineticist, you’d rather just use gather power and then use blade rush. Gather+Rush comes online faster and allows more mobility. I suppose they do stack, but you won’t often need the extra 10 feet of movement the kinetic knight would get. And it might relatively be more like only an extra 5 feet if you can instead 5 foot step then gather power then rush.

Mobile gathering is more useful for a ranged kineticist, where full attacking is rarely a concern, but lining up a shot is.

ow, thanks. I can take Gather might, and not mobile Gather

Takes some maneuvers is bad idea?

I wouldn't make maneuvers a priority, but you will eventually have feats to spare. And a maneuver might be good for enemies that happen to be immune to your element.

Kinetic knigh have a nice abilities with archetypes, so its hard to decide, what feats are good

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