Sticky grenades and bonfires, what fun

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So is there any place in the books that say either or not the adhesive of sticky grenades is inflammable? Or would that be a Homebrew decision?

Homebrew. They’re not inflammable as published.

In such a large universe, you may have a choice of flammable or non-flammable sticky grenades. You may have to house-rule they are one type or the other by default unless you specify what type you bought.

Does anyone play sticky grenades as making the area of effect sticky? Or do you treat it as a momentary effect that only affects those caught in the blast radius and does nothing to hinder those that pass through the area immediately afterward?

Where does it say that they are not flammable? Just curious. Or is it that since it doesn't say they are inflammable, by default they are non-flammable? As to how I am wanting to play with them, is I want to use them to hold a group of targets so the technomancer can blast them. Was hoping the adhesive would be a few rounds of persistent flame damage. Think Web spell and Burning Hands.

Sovereign Court

They're not necessarily inflammable, just not more flammable than "typical" objects either.

There aren't mechanics for doing extra damage because you're covered in fast-burning glue, but neither does the entangled condition go away faster because you're burning away the glue.

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