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Newbie to SoP here. Reading over the Fate sphere, it says that the Word ability requires a standard action to invoke. Then looking at the talent list, the Bless and Curse abilities both say they require an immediate action. So my question is, do I need to first use a standard action to denote who may get the Bless/Curse, and then when I want to use Bless/Curse I would need to use an immediate action? Or, do I simply need to use an immediate action without a standard action?

If it's the former, I'd need to use a standard action to invoke Word on all my allies and would require 4 turns, and then I'd still need to use an immediate action afterwards. Is there any way to use Word as a Swift action or Free action by any chance, maybe through feats or items?

Pretty sure you just need to spend the Spell Point and the Immediate action

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Words are standard actions unless something else says otherwise. Hallow is a standard action. Close is a standard action. Classify is a standard action.

Bless, Curse, and others say they are other actions, so they are that action. In SoP and Pathfinder in general, specific rulings trump general rulings.

Generally, the Fate Sphere, most words, and most talents across SoP are standard actions. Specifically, Bless/Curse are immediate actions.

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