Conversation of Yu-Gi-Oh ancient Egypt to pathfinder


So I want to convert the shadow game dueling to pathfinder in a region of the custom world I’m building. Not the card game but how they would summon actual monsters.

With that in mind the class would obviously be summoner but instead of the Eidolon I would change the summon monster to a permanent duration (until defeated or returned to shadow plane), however if defeated the summoner automatically loses a percentage of his hit point. How much I’m thinking depends on the spell level of the monster. I’ll need to toy with numbers.

Another factor I want to do is there isn’t an unlimited list of monsters to summon from, just like the anime/show they physically captured the beasts and trapped them in stone tablets to call forth as needed. My thoughts being defeating a monsters banishes it for 24 hours; destroying the stone tablets permanently banishes it to shadow realm.

Later on I’ll build the millennium items as artifacts for the region but I wanna get the shadow game summoner built first.

not sure if its everything you want but c
heck out mystical kingdom of monsters

Awesome the monster trainer fits perfectly

you should also check the book of many thing 2 and book of many things campaign exclusive and play manga d20 that should give you plenty of monster trainers

The Summoner, Unchained Summoner, and Spiritualist classes, along with their archetypes, should give you everything you need.

Shadow Lodge

If you want multiple monsters to summon, you can get this pretty easily with Spheres of Power.

The Conjuration sphere gives you customizable summons. They can pick up archetypes, one of which fives them magic.

There is a drawback that binds the summons to an object. Don't have the object? Can't summon. Another drawback makes all of your summons fit to a "theme" which means they have to have the same Form talent(for duelists that use only one type of monster, for instance).

Spheres of Power.

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