Favorite Non-Core Player Races?

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So what are your favorite non-core player races to play as?

I really like Aasimar, Catfolk, Dhampir, Kitsune, Lashunta, Merfolk, Naiad, Rougarou, Suli, and Tiefling.

I also like Android, Aphorite, Ganzi, Ghoran, Grippli, Ifrit, Nagaji, Oread, Ratfolk, Skinwalkers, Sylph, and Undine.

Haven't played a Strix, yet, but I want to.

Had a lot of fun playing a Tengu.

Right now I am having a blast playing a Drow Noble.

Changeling, Cecaelia, Gillperson, Grippli, Tengu, and Shabti.

Goblins, Vanara, Lizardfolk are my top 3 non-core races.

Goblins because being awesome stealthy characters whatever your class is cool. Vanara because good stats and climb speed and prehensile tail. It has pretty much everything you want for monkey person.

Lizardfolk have 3 primary natural attacks making them a great chassis for that and are non-evil cannibals.

i had a blast playing a ratfolk alchemist (the race really suit nicely for this class).
he was aiming to improved the life of all rat-kind.
and was rather binary in his thinking - if he liked it he gave it cheese if he disliked it he blow it up. was working on exploding cheese for them complicated hate\like issues...

as for goblins, beside the obvious rogues (and arcane tricksters) i made a living grimoire goblin. he the 'most holy of books' (a book which is mostly filled with holes) that only had pictographs as words writen would steal his thoughts from his head. yep a little guy smacking the enemy with a book.
(basic goblin pictograph - one horse = 'danger', 2 horses = 'great and terrible danger', team of horses running over goblins = 'run you fools!!')

Tengu: 3 Natural Attacks for starters, or automatically knows any sword

Half-Giant: Powerful Build, Favored Class Psychic Warrior

Thri-Kreen or Kasatha: 4 arms!

How could I forget Goblin, because Goblin!

Too bad Paizo never gave us a giant-blooded race. Would have liked that as well as a fey blooded one, a dragon blooded one, and some other stuff.

Vanara and Grippli I remember from D&D, too bad Paizo never got the Kercpa. I would have loved those guys to have made it in.

I remember the Thri-Kreen though I do like the Kasatha more.

I, for my own personal thematic tastes, never play non-core. I just ...don't...feel..inspired to. It's kind of one of those things, like where you can explain to me how awesome anime is, or Nascar, or GoT tv show (I'm the book reader); I simply don't care. I just can't be made to invest in it.

Has anyone played as or allowed someone to play as a Lasunta in Pathfinder?

What is the most powerful race you have had in in your game?

Thri-kreen, tarn idoun, ulb, rakasta (especially the Myoshima culture), the gith, off the top of my head.

Honorable mentin to 2e tieflings, before they got standardized and boring in 3e and on.

Only non core races I'v played are Ratfolk and Goblin. And while I liked my Ratfolk, I loved my Goblin, He was hilariously fun to play! And the rest of the party said they loved him too! xD

I used to be a core race snob but really enjoyed playin a gripple in a home brew campaign. Now I look for opportunities to play non-core if I can come up with a good backstory to tie them to the adventure. Since then I’ve played goblins, ratfolk, aasimars, and tieflings.

For me it is important to have a good reason for the non-core race to be adventuring and avoid the PC becoming a distraction.


I cannot wait for Grippli Ancestry...

Kobolds, kitsune, vishkanya, the elemental-touched races, catfolk, ratfolk, tengu.

Drow, Goblin, Skinwalker amd Android in that order.

Drow because I love the lore/culture of the Menzo proper drow (Not drittz) and I build mine like that as well.

Goblins are just plain fun and have all opportunity for creative ideas. Are you the traditional chaotic Goblin exposed to pink skin society Amd freaking out from simple things like words or are you the rare intelligent goblin.

both Skin walker and Android for RP flavor.

It is a shame that some of these interesting races didn't get much (or any) love like alternate racial traits and racial feats, love those player options.

I always wondered why Aasimar and Tiefling aren't considered core when they're in Bestiary 1.

That aside, all Planetouched are nice, even if the elemental ones aren't that great mechanically. One thing 4E missed when it made Tieflings an entire edgelord civilization is that half their appeal is that they're mutants who can pop up in any human population. Them aside, Android and kitsune are pretty nice.

As for ones I like but am unlikely to use... Tengu are cool, but the con penalty being super painful and clashing with their features (lots of proficiencies/natural attacks) really discourages playing them. Kobold are one of the easiest monster races to divorce from evil (they like mining, traps, and dragons, none of which are inherently evil), but settings rarely do it. Dhampir and Changeling are fun, but requiring a decently powerful monster limits how often they can really be used (the logistics of half-orcs being as high as they are is already baffling).

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Oh, so many...

Just in Bestiary 1, there's the Tengu, Gnoll, Kobolds, Hobgoblins and Lizardfolk.

Then in later Bestiaries, the Androids, Ratfolk, Vishkanya, Reptoid, Caligni and Samsaran.

I love Eberron Changelings and Daelkyr Half-Blood as well, and the Charduni of the Scarred Lands, Xixchil from Spelljammer and Aarakocra and Killoren (a fey race from Races of the Wild for 3.5 AD&D), for races of other d20 fantasy worlds.

I'm kind of stoked that a Tengu got to be one of the first non-core race Iconics (along with the goblin Alchemist), since they are one of my favorites (although Wolfgang Bauer has done some fun things with his own ravenfolk race in his setting, and I sometimes conflate his ideas with Paizo's tengu...).

Orcs are my favorite non-core player race. I love the simplistic barbarity of their culture, and that +4 to Strength is appropriately monstrous for a people who believe might makes right. With some lucky dice rolls you can have a Barbarian with a 26 Strength while raging at level 1.

Set, look how long it took them to get a half-orc iconic. There are a lot of class iconics I wish used non-core races like a female Catfolk Swashbuckler, male Oread Brawler, female Lashunta Psychic, male Ratfolk Alchemist, female Aasimar Paladin, male Tengu Samurai, female Kitsune Ninja, male Tiefling Magus, etc.

My fave core race is Gnome

My fave none core races are Grippli, Naiad and Ratfolk

So I guess I like small races.

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