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I recently got a cert copy of the Neutriad Pistol and I am thinking about tricking it all the way out. This, however, has generated a number of questions:

1. The cert stats the pistol out, can I modify it by adding a manufacturer or special material to its construction?
2. The Neutriad Pistol does physical damage, can it benefit from special materials?
3. And finally, how would you trick out such a weapon? Currently I am going to put Sights on it, and a nanofiber grip.

Neutriad Pistol wrote:
A Neutriad pistol is a 5th level small-arm ranged weapon that does 1d6 bludgeoning damage and has the pulse (1d6) critical effect. It has a range of 60 feet and a capacity of 20 charges (1 usage). It has the force special property and light bulk, and costs 3,200 credits.

From the Starfinder Armory

Pulse Critical wrote:
The weapon’s output explodes in a pulse of energy. All creatures adjacent to the original target take the amount of damage listed in the pulse entry, of the same type dealt by the weapon’s initial attack.
Force Property wrote:
A force weapon is treated as having the force descriptor (Core Rulebook 269), which can cause it to interact differently with some targets (as defined by the targets’ special rules). Force weapons deal kinetic damage but still target EAC.

My argument with the special materials is that while targeting EAC, the Neutriad Pistol still does physical damage, which means it doesn't get exempted from special materials for doing energy damage. (As laid out by Starfinder Armory.)

Specifically, I'm looking at Noqual.

Noqual Abriged wrote:

Objects fashioned from noqual gain a +4 bonus to saving throws against magical effects.

Weapons and ammunition made of noqual sap magic from the target, dealing additional damage to creatures largely derived from magical effects. Noqual weapons and ammunition gain a +1 enhancement bonus to damage rolls against magical constructs, magically created undead, and creatures summoned by magic.

While melee weapons gain an increasing bonus, Noqual calls out melee weapons specifically here, so I am assuming I don't get this.

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This particular item:
It uses a battery.

Some materials may increase the durability of the weapon, but the ammunition is battery charges. Special materials wouldn’t do anything to the damage.

Not sure about the manufacturer. I haven’t played this scenario and don’t know if it’s a pistol that you found on a specific world or if it’s something a Pact Worlds manufacturer would make.

Flagged for spoilers. Please use spoilers when discussing unique items found on a chronicle.

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It uses batteries, not ammunition, so you can't add noqual in any meaningful way.

Weapon accessories like scopes, bayonet brackets and grips are fine.

Fusions and seals are obviously fine.

I wouldn't think you could add a manufacturer, but I haven't played this particular scenario.

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Nefreet wrote:
It uses batteries, not ammunition, so you can't add noqual in any meaningful way.

It could still get the +4 to resist magic. Maybe not a big effect, but its the only really universal special material property.


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pretty sure you cant put a material on chronicle sheet items since when you find say an adamantine long sword it will specifically say adamantine.

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