Is there supposed to be "minimum 1" text in Connection Power saves?

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Grand Lodge

Connection Power wrote:
"If a connection power allows a saving throw to resist its effects, the DC is equal to 10 + half your mystic level + your Wisdom modifier."

Is there supposed to be a "(minimum: 1)" after "half your mystic level" or is there no intended level DC boost until 2nd level?

Edit: Never mind - not in PF cleric either and round down, etc. But, maybe this will help if anyone ever has this question.


Starfinder is more consistent in everything rounding down than Pathfinder was.

Grand Lodge

Hey Nefreet! True...but it also seems like there are various "min 1" cases in the rules. RP, Carrying Capacity-related conditions, feats, weapon damage, computer tiers, etc. Anyway, the connection DC seems like a straight crossover from PF channeling, with the exception that the Harm Undead feat is too expensive and offers no usage flexibility.

Sovereign Court

I think "min 1" is used only for things where you might otherwise end up with a zero, such as a grenade that would otherwise no damage on a save. But with DCs you'll never end up with a zero.

Grand Lodge might just end up with a 0 bonus and a DC of 10...and that, like a R.o.U.S., probably doesn't exist.

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