Combat Clue only once / 10 minutes?

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I was reading over the Investigator to help out a friend the other day, and we noticed something about the Combat Clue feat. Because it just changes how you can use the Clue In reaction, it seems to still be limited by Clue In's once/10 minute frequency.

A combat buff as a reaction is nice, but one that you can use at most once per combat doesn't seem worth a class feat. Was it really intended that the normal frequency limitation applies? You already have to successfully study your suspect in order to use Combat Clue, and against many enemies a successful study is not a guarantee, and the bonus never seems to be able to progress above a +1. To have a once/combat restriction on top of all the other limits makes the feat seem pretty inconsequential.

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As with most of the Investigator current features, conceptually is very cool but super underwhelming in practice. I've been running Combat Clue with no time limit and it seems alright.

I actually didn't catch this. If that is how it works then it really is a trap.

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