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I'm starting my first 2e game. When I ran PF1e I kept a cheat sheet of common PC stats and modifiers to reference without having to always ask my players about them (stuff like Armor Class and Perception bonus.)

For those who have been running PF2e for awhile, what statistics would you recommend tracking on a similar PF2e sheet? My first draft is: hp, AC, saves, Perception, skill modifiers, Speed.

Sovereign Court

I've actually done this, slightly differently. I made small forms, playing card/MtG card sized, that my (PFS) players fill in. I also have some cards saying "boss", "lieutenant", "mooks", "environment", and "allies". I use the card deck to run initiative with; the card on top is the one whose turn it is. Takes less table space than an initiative tracker.

But where it gets nice is that on the form I have the following:

- Character name. Not trivial in PFS, where you get different characters at the table all the time. Calling people by their character's name is part of my immersion as GM :P

- Perception

- Saving throws

- Skills commonly used for secret (Recall Knowledge) checks

It also has TEML boxes, because some traps for example can only be spotted by someone with Expert+ proficiency.

I didn't include AC because with shields and such, it's kind of changeable. And I don't really need to do secret checks vs. AC very often anyway, and I didn't want the card to become too cluttered. My main criterion was "do I ever want to know the PC's score without the player knowing I wanted to know that particular score".

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