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So in the CRB the monk dedication feat makes you trained in unarmed attacks and you gain the powerful fist class feature. along with skills
What is the point of the multiclass feat giving you trained status in unarmed attacks when every class is already trained in it and the errata states that all classes share their simple weapon prof with unarmed attacks?
Is this an error that wasn't changed in the errata or simply something added in for future classes that don't have simple weapon prof?

It's technically an error, but since it is an error of redundancy it is very low priority to issue errata for.

I will mention though that unarmed attack proficiency has not been errata'd to scale specifically with only simple weapon proficiency - it scales for wizards when their weird little smattering of weapons scale too.

I'm going to guess that it can also proof against a case where for some bizarre reason there's a class that isn't trained in unarmed attacks that gets put out there. Unlikely as even wizards get a few weapons but might as well cover that base.

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