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I noticed a few classes have the Third refocus ability ie. Sorcerer Bloodline Wellspring which let's him recoup 3 focus points How come the Bard doesn't get this? He only gets Inspirational Focus (recoup 2 points).

Because different classes are different, even when they are similar. Pretty sure the Wizard class doesn't have a feat for a 3 point refocus either.

Seems that 3x refocusing is not for all spellcasters.

Only druid, sorc and cleric ( 3 out of 5 ) can have it.

Martial users are in the same spot.

While a champion has only 2x, a monk can unlock the 3x.

I bet this is all about balance.

Kinda of got to agree with the sentiment on balance, and possibly on class identity. {Warning in advance, longish post made mostly on opinion}

The Bard as arguably gone through the most changes from PF1 to PF2. They are a spellcaster class, though they still have bit of there jack -of-all trades history. While more focused on spellcasting, other classes {namely the other spontaneous Cha caster of Sorcerer, for a bit more of a direct comparison} can generally beat them in that aspect. Unlike like other casters, they do have a limited, but generally solid collection of martial weapons, and has at least light armor and 8HP per level, though limited increases in profs prevents them from taking away the spot light from Martial in that aspect. Also, they can 'cheat' certain skills to be used for other skill checks {namely VP and Bardic Lore} but does not outshine the job of the skilled based Rogue. All in all {especially in comparison to the playtest} while more focused on spellcasting, is still a bit of a jack-of-all trades, built so they can't outshine the classes that specialize in the aspects they are trying to imitate, but are good enough to integrate all these aspects, and add a bit of there own spin.

As for what these has to do with focus points, and the ability to refocus 3 points at a time. Well, it goes back into Jack-Of-Trades aspect of the class. There able to get up to 2x refocus with a bit of work, and so can integrate focus spells a bit more, but can't steal the spot light from the other 'focused' based classes/builds.

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