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Try as I might, I just can't write small enough to use the session sheets that are printed in scenarios, and as an event coordinator, I often can't read the writing of those who think they can. So I made this one. Feel free to use if you like it.

link here

sustainability thoughts:
While I briefly worried about using more paper than the old one, of course the old one gets printed on a full sheet anyway and half isn't used, so it's probably the same thing.

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Looks good. I'll pass it along locally. I tried filling one of the regular ones out this past weekend, and there's just no way to fit the character number in the box provided. There's no separate spot for PFS# as far as I can see, and the box is barely big enough to write 2001, let alone a 6 or 7 digit PFS number with it. This should be a lot easier to use.

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There is a really good form on PFSPrep. It has the look and feel of the Paizo sheet but has the necessary room. And it is a half sheet.

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PFSPrep's half-sheet has (a version of it with) room for seven players, as well.

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For those who don't frequent the site, the PFSprep sheet is here

I use both it and the starfinder sheet instead of the Paizo ones, they are much better.

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There are a couple other options there as well.

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Thanks for posting the sheets

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