Can biohacks be fired in the same shot as another solution?

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There is no rule other than common sense to say you can't load more than one substance in a dart before firing it out of an injection weapon. There's also no rule supporting it, so I don't think anyone has tried to push it past their GM.


Biohacks wrote:
You can deliver any biohack you create with any attack from an injection weapon.

An attack with an injection weapon that already has a poison, serum, or medicinal in the dart or injection reservoir is "any" attack from an injection weapon.

1. Can you do this?
2. If you can, what is the order of operations for resolving effects, such as when your inhibitor lowers saves and the shot also includes a poison?
3. If you combine a booster with a serum or medicinal, can you still autohit an ally?

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I thought that the scanner only specifying bio hacks as auto hit against attuned allies would have silly results, since you would still need to roll to land medicinal and serums. The results of this, though, become truly, deeply stupid if taken at face value.

This was brought to my attention.

Medication Mastery theorem wrote:
You can add one of these medicinals to any attack you make with an injection weapon as part of the action to make the attack or attacks, but you can’t add a biohack of any kind to the same attack.

That implies that you can ordinarily mix a biohack with a normal medicinal, serum, or poison. So I'm going to switch to yes for question 1. For 2 I'm guessing that they happen simulatenously and no one effect can help or hurt the other one. For 3 it seems the answer would be yes, as long as a biohack is in the round, even if it shares space with some other solution, it has the link to your custom microlab and you don't have to roll to attack. Not that I want people to lose their expensive serums shot in combat.

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