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With #1-09: Star-Crossed Voyages coming up as the first non 1-4 tier scenario (not including #1-00), will we be seeing some pregens higher than level 1 coming soon? I know I'm going to have a first-timer playing that weekend, and will need to give him something to play.

As a last resort, are the level 5 pregens for 1-00 still valid for this?


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I don't see why the Level 5 pregens wouldn't be valid.

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First World Bard wrote:
I don't see why the Level 5 pregens wouldn't be valid.

I believe while prepping #1-00 for GenCon, they stated that the level 5 pregens were only for that scenario, and that actual level 5 pregens will be distributed later. (Also, the full complement of pregens aren't available.)


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What I heard mentioned at GenCon, which I think was more aspirational than actual 'plan' was to eventually have the full roster of pregens at 1,5,9,13,17 and an abbreviated set at 3,7,11,15,19. Ie, an acknowledgement that having a pre-gen in all the subtiers is useful. However, I expect the abbreviated set for the 3,7,11, etc are extremely low priority (as are 9+ with the currently leveling possibilities, and given everything else on OPF's plate, something I don't expect to see anytime soon.

I expect that filling out the rest of the 5s will be the first thing we see in terms of new pregens, and I give it 50/50 odds on whether they're legal for use in #1-00 or if it stays locked to the 6 options at launch.

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It is my understanding that the level 5 pregens are valid for play. They are included in the download.

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We'll be updating the pregens on Wednesday. This update adds a set of 6 3rd level pregens: Amiri, Ezren, Fumbus, Kyra, Merisiel, and Valeros.

The update also corrects errors in the existing level 1 and level 5 pregens, cleans them up a bit, and applies the errata. If you've already printed out level 1/level 5 pregens, you can still use them in scenarios. They are still fundamentally the same characters. If you're going to be doing new printing, I recommend re-downloading the file first so you have the latest version.

We are still planning to release level 5 pregens for the other 6 classes, just not right now.

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Excellent!! This is exactly what I was hoping for!

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