On Esoteric Elementals in PF2 (slight late game spoilers)

Age of Ashes

So one of the later books features "Magma Guardians," which appear quite similar to the the Magma Elementals of PF1. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to introduce the first non-traditional elemental species-- you know, all the ones that weren't Air, Earth, Fire, or Water. But to my surprise, the standard fire elemental inferno was used, just with the elite template for their stats. I thought maybe that meant we were just using the classics, which I wouldn't hate given how annoying things like aether elementals are once players start summoning them. But on the other hand, the same book introduces magma dragons, so it seems we aren't drifting too far from the esoterics.

I was hoping Mr. Jacobs or one of the other Paizo staff could illuminate what the plans were for these creatures down the line, and why this wasn't used as the platform to introduce them. Perhaps they are already slated for Bestiary 2?

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Good question. I look forward to that answer too. I feel like the bestiary is brimming with interesting enemies, but the elementals are some of the least interesting.

Gosh I wish there were actual esoteric elemental: dream, nightmare, memory, etc.

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