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So guys here is my predicament. Our GM in her infinite wisdom and awesomeness has allowed us to gestalt our characters. I am currently playing lvl 5 dhampir cruoromancer, and i currently can control 5HD of undead per caster level plus the control undead feat. Now i have picked the occultist and want to go for the necroccultist archetype to continue with the favor. However i have questions about the resonating power from the Necromancy implement school.
1) How many mental focus points can i use to max out the implement so i can get the most undead (trying to build the biggest army to take over the world)
2) How much undead can i control while doing this?

Here's the relevant text:

The implement grants its possessor greater power over the undead. Whoever possesses the implement can control an additional 2 Hit Dice of undead for every point of mental focus invested in the item (to a maximum number of Hit Dice equal to 4 × your occultist level). Any spellcaster who bears the implement can add it as an additional focus component for a necromancy spell he casts to create undead. If he does so, he can create an additional number of HD of undead equal to the additional HD the implement allows him to control (apply this effect after doubling the HD of undead for desecrate, if applicable).

(Emphasis added)

I'm unsure if the part in bold is the maximum that you add from this ability or your maximum overall.

If we assume it's the maximum from the implement, then you could invest 10 focus points into your mecromancy implement and get an additional 40HD of undead. You'l have trouble keeping your mental focus high enough, but if you can it'll be amazing.

If we assume it's the total then your maximum would be 40HD, but you wouldn't need that many points invested. You're already at 25HD, so you'd only need 4 points invested for another 16HD, with 1HD wasted. You'll probably find you have more than enough points but it won't be adding as much as you think.

I *THINK* the first option is correct.

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