Where to insert a Cloud Giant?

Rise of the Runelords

As the title. I'm running Rise for a group of my friends at college, but I recently got a handful of minis, the most notable of which is a Cloud Giant, and am interested in trying to use them. However, I'm not sure where I can insert one into the campaign. Ideally, it would be a fairly major battle. The natural time would be to replace Mokmurian with one, but I also can't figure out how to make that have story sense.

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The official Pawn Set for the Anniversary edition comes with could giants so I am certain they appear someplace in book 5 and 6. If you replaced Mokmurian you would have to replace all the stone giants and make them Karzougs minions and call book 4 fortress of the cloud giants.

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Cloud giants appear in Book Six, if you’re willing to wait that long.

So far as I can tell with the book 6 cloud giants, though, is that they attack as a group and minor obstacle. I’m hopeful to use the mini as a boss of some form, to maximize the impact of it.

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You could use it in book 5, when the PCs approach Runeforge, as an ally of white dragon Arkrhyst. For example replace the earth elementals with several giants lead by your cloud giant. The PCs need to defeat them to enter the Runeforge. But when they are about to win, their master, an ancient white dragon appears.

Or you can give the cloud giant a few levels and make him totally replace Arkrhyst as the miniboss at the entrance of Runeforge.

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Adjoint’s idea is a good one. Replacing Mokmurian would be difficult - you would have to consider whether to replace his entire stone giant tribe or come up with a reason for why he’s leading a group of stone giants.

Somewhere in Jorgenfist. If the PCs to camp out somewhere to do scouting and hit-&-run attacks, the cloud giant can be in charge of the search party that comes to find them. Otherwise he's one of the army, possibly with his own crew of goons. I'd pop a couple of caster levels on him for some variety and make him stand out.

You could (if the party is strong enough) add him to the attack on Sandpoint, drifting high over the town. He doesn't need to get involved; he might be scouting and directing the attack.

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