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Swashbuckler Playtest

Level One

- This class loves Hero Points. Using a Hero Point to re-roll a skill check to gain Panache, or using your Hero Points to avoid Dying after getting into a tight situation. I think that a GM running a game for a Swashbuckler needs to be generous giving out Hero Points, especially considering how often Swashbucklers do things that should trigger gaining them. I'd love to see the Swashbuckler have a Class Feature or Class Feat do something that interacts with Hero Points (maybe turning the cost for avoiding death to spending 1 Hero Point instead of all Hero Points).

- The Swashbuckler found an interesting way to trigger her Panache even on a failure. Using Athletics to leap across a narrow or slippery surface, landing on it triggers an Acrobatics check (as I understand the rules), which can trigger Panache on a success.

- Braggart and Fencer feels too similar before level 9. Gymnast is sufficiently different from the two in playstyle. A Swashbuckler build based around Thievery or Performance would feel more different.

- The Swashbuckler's player appreciated how durable the class is. She was surprised that the Battle Oracle had lower AC and HP than her. I approve of this, since the Swashbuckler is a very risky playstyle.

- The damage bonus from having Panache is slightly confusing. For a regular attack, deal +2 damage; for a Finisher, you deal +2d6 on a hit and (2d6/2) damage on a miss. The math feels fine, but also a little convoluted.

- It didn't come up too often, but I like the flavour of Shield Block on the Swashbuckler.


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Many thanks for the playtest feedback!

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