White dragon slowed by its own blizzard?

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An ancient white dragon has an ability called blizzard. When an ancient white dragon creates a blizzard, it centers on him, and has a fifty-foot radius. The major effect of this blizzard is that it cuts movement down to a quarter speed. Does this slowing also affect the dragon? Also, since we are in the rules forum, can you cite a source one way or the other?

It's cancelled out by ice walking, which the dragon gets as a wyrmling. The snow created counts as an icy surface.

The dragon also has the cold subtype, meaning it is immune to cold based abilities.

Thank you! I always thought cold immunity just removed hit point damage. I had no idea that it also shut off any other cold-based effects, but I looked it up and you're right.

Follow up question. The blizzard is centered on the dragon. (From the rules: "This creates heavy snow conditions in a 50-foot radius for 1 minute, centered on the dragon.") So does this move with the dragon? It's centered on the dragon for the full 1 minute, as if it were an emanation instead of a burst?

Hard to say--it doesn't specify burst or emanation.

I'd rule it as a burst since otherwise it makes little sense. It's not like the dragon is slowly exhaling over the course of a minute--they're still able to do other things, including activating their breath weapon after 1d4 rounds, during that minute.

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Rules wise Entymal and Melkiador are both wrong.

Blizzard's slowing effect is not necessarily caused by an icy surface; strong winds and limited visibility also have an effect. Likewise cold subtype only provides immunity to cold [damage] and vulnerability to fire, nothing else.

HOWEVER, for practical purposes, they should probably both be treated as correct.

Unless you like the idea of an ancient dragon, creeping mostly hidden through a blizzard, which whilst it slows it down, slows it's prey (the PCs) much more, potentially triggering many more attacks of opportunity for movement, and limiting opportunities for full attacks.

My answer was based on the part of the ability that specifically says "this snow slows movement."

It also notes that it limits vision but mentions it separately from the slowing effect.

Immunity (Ex or Su) A creature with immunities takes no damage from listed sources. Immunities can also apply to afflictions, conditions, spells (based on school, level, or save type), and other effects. A creature that is immune does not suffer from these effects, or any secondary effects that are triggered due to an immune effect.

But if that's not enough for you:

A creature is immune to its own breath weapon unless otherwise noted.
Blizzard (Su) An ancient white dragon can use its breath weapon to create a blizzard in the area around it as a standard action. This creates heavy snow conditions in a 50-foot radius for 1 minute, centered on the dragon. This snow slows movement (4 squares of movement per square entered) and limits vision as fog does.

Thank you Melkiador. This is very convincing. I appreciate the help.

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