Bringing Back Reincarnate


Non-zero chance my PCs might die in the final encounter of the adventure path book they're on.

For unstated reasons, the locals won't have access to a Resurrect ritual... but they would probably have access to a Reincarnate ritual.

Since Reincarnate isn't in the book anymore... what do you guys think would be the best way to go about that?

Find a reincarnation table you like, or craft your own, and have the following mechanical considerations:

1) use the mechanics of resurrect as-is except for adding the roll on a table to determine your new body part, and making the monetary cost lower if you want since the result is not as favorable to the player.

2) make sure that every entry on your table has an appropriate level of support in regards to ancestry details, heritages, and ancestry feats so that the player is not losing anything and also isn't gaining anything unfair (like how some older versions could result in you becoming a troll or another creature much more powerful than normal player characters)

3) make sure your players actually think reincarnation is cool because otherwise you're doing all this work to include something that players will either skip entirely or be upset about having to use.

Ancestry can be whatever you want, pull up the 1e races and throw a bunch into a table (or just pick one per PC and pretend you are randomly generating it). Heck, you could just use the 1e reincarnation chart. Pick two boosts and a flaw that make sense if you want, or you could just say their stats stay the same for simplicity.

Heritage might be a bit trickier. If the PC has ancestry feats dependent on their heritage's mechanical features (Torch Goblin, for instance) either assign a heritage close enough to the original (like Desert Elf instead of Charhide Goblin) or make them retrain the feat. You can also make up heritages to make it make sense, depending on how much you want to do. Also, if the heritage is something like Ancient Elf just keep it the same, no reason to change their past.

Ancestry feats should stay the same unless they physically had to change. An Iruxi reincarnated as a Bugbear needs to lose their tail feats, but Lizardfolk Lore should stay the same. Going forward give them Adopted Ancestry for their previous ancestry (even if it means they have the feat twice) so they can keep using their thematic ancestry weapons. If you go beyond the ancestries we have write ups for, you could just say they have to take their old ancestry's feats as if adopted if you don't want to write feats.

For performing the ritual, just use the rules for resurrection, but with 11 secret herbs and spices rare herbs and oils for the components and, if you want parity with 1e, a discount of whatever you feel appropriate (the old was a 4/5ths discount).

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