Terrible website design and your charging me mutliple times

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I just tried to buy something and instead I get hit with the s#+%tiest website design I've ever seen. I needed the package to ship to a different address then my billing address but the site wouldn't let me put in a different address. Then when I hit the place order all i got was one payment declined error after a huge delay and because of the delay I hit the button multiple times thinking that the click didn't register and now I have FOUR payment pending on my credit card and nothing from you guys. WTF. These 4 payments better not go through for a single product I'm not going to get because your f*&$ing website can't understand the fact that maybe people want to ship to a location OTHER THAN their billing address, and being charged 4 times for nothing is outrageous. If this isn't fixed I will never shop here again, and wtf, why is there no customer service on the weekends.

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Just so you know, Paizo never charges for anything until it actually ships.

That said, placing an order will send a authorization attempt to your bank. That's almost exactly the same thing as if you pay at-the-pump for gas. The pump pre-authorizes your card for a certain amount, to confirm that funds are available. Your bank will release that authorization since there isn't an actual transaction until shipment time. How long a bank freezes funds is up to that bank.

I'm not responding to your general criticism but giving you what information I can.

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Adding on to Anguish, when these kind of issues happen, it's best to call (See bottom of the page) or email the CS team:

Need Help?

Mon–Fri, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific

(425) 250-0800


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Hello Sir_Slimestone,

You ran into an issue that is caused when the billing address is incorrect. The card processor gets all the way through the process of contacting the bank to open authorizations, but can't complete the transaction without the right billing address. I'm sorry our system gave you some trouble applying the right billing address. I have ensured that the correct billing address is applied on your card, with the shipping address remaining the same.

You should soon receive a confirmation email for the order which will enter the shipping queue. I have put in authorization reversal requests for the multiple authorizations, and these should disappear form your account soon. If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know. Thank you!

Oh, thank you, I just noticed the reversal's on Discover's website, and the actual charge for the payment sent through.

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