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Hey there all. I have an idea of how this would go down, but wanted a little input.

As a wizard in 2e PFS, how do I add spells to my spellbook (officially)?

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Step 1: Obtain access to a spell. Usually, that will be by either purchasing a scroll, but it can also include scrolls received through the Society schools, scrolls or spell books looted during the scenario, and currently, there is nothing in the rules preventing you from even sharing your spellbook's contents with another friendly wizard in your party.

Step 2: Attempt to scribe the spell. This uses the "Learn a Spell" exploration activity as described on p.238 of the CRB. Technically, it could be argued that RAW you cannot actually do this in society play (and thus any wizard would be prevented from obtaining any additional spells outside of leveling up), since the DCs listed are guidelines and the actual DC is meant to be set by the GM. However, I've yet to meet a GM or player in PFS who expected any DCs but those listed to be used. Of course, this thread is likely to change that... :).

Step 3: Documentation. After you have rolled the check under the watchful eyes of your current GM, he records the results for each spell attempted on your chronicle, and deducts the appropriate amount of coins as well.

Step 4: Enjoy your new spell (or wait for the next level-up to try again).

Seems fairly straightforward.

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