The Witch has Trap Feats?

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The Ronyon wrote:
This doesn't make two additional trained skills equal or balanced with a Class Feat.

I NEVER said it did: I just pointed out that one part of an existing class feat [dedication feat] IS an ancestry feat [skills] and then pointed out than another ancestry feat of the same level offered a familiar. IMO, that makes these specific elements equivalent and potentially swappable.

I'm not sure why you're bringing class feats in general into it. The fact that gaining a familiar is possible through multiple types of feats isn't really relevant IMO: why rate it as a higher type when the game has already rated it acceptable at a the lower level? A familiar is either suitable for access from a 1st level ancestry feat or it isn't and the game has said it is: as such, it seems odd to argue that it isn't or that it should be evaluated against other feats higher than it's minimum level/type... [and that's ignoring that it's also saddled with it's needing to staying alive [at 5hp/level] or losing all your spells in a world were area affect spells are a thing...

PS: I just noticed that we're a bit off topic, as the thread is 'witch trap feats', so I think this'll be my last comments on this.

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