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Im heavily considering playing Enora (UM or WotR version undecided) for a rerun of season 1. Im looking for advice on what would be the best deck add to the UM deck for her considering the season?

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Have you played WotR before? And if so, do you know what mythic path you'd be choosing? I'd assume Mythic Archmage but if you're picking a different path such as Mythic Trickster then that may change things a bit.

I would take a good look at Pathfinder Tales deck. It's got a good bit of everything in it. Alternatively you could look at Hell's Vengeance 2 which might not be quite as optimal but would be fairly thematic and does include some GREAT spells like Stunning Barrier and Glamour.

If you play the WOTR version of Enora then the Tales deck has Aqueous Orb which will be useful for off-turn combats. Ultimate Magic already includes Sphere of Fire so either way you'd have at least one spell available for off-turn combats (I'd consider that a keeper card for WOTR Enora). Ultimate Enora doesn't need to worry about this as much because she has the power feat that lets her attack

Magus might have some situational good cards. Like Arcana Theft, Dimension Leap, and some of the staves. It also has some really strong allies.

Those are the ones that come to mind for me, I'm sure some other decks could be good too. Regardless, Ultimate Magic is going to give you a lot of mileage so it will just depend on what you're looking to do with Enora and which version.

redeux is spot on with the PFT recommendation - not only does it have useful spells in terms of getting around immunities, it also has books. 2 of Enora's roles really love books. Did you know Riffle Scrolls is also a Book?

As far as non-PFT decks go, Witch has very strong Staves and other magic items like the Hellspawn Doll if you decide to pick a non-Book role.

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I have played season 1 before. I did not play through the box set for WotR. Though we are mentioning possibly doing that (the box) instead of season 1. I am assuming Mythic Archmage as the ability to get around immunities will be a big deal in that set.

If I remember correctly a lot of WotR barriers ended up being combat checks. So the WotR book version is less appealing. Of the 14 barriers in the base set and set 1, she could only use her barrier buster power for 3 of them. Now being able to add d4+X to all my checks is nothing to sneeze at. The Eldritch Savant is a solid role but once again just doesn't feel exciting.

Therefore im heavy leaning to the UM version. This gives you two things: First the on demand combat with her power (granted would probably need a feat upgrade). This also has the bonus of allowing me to use my spells as utility. Second, I don't know what anyone in my group is playing yet so having the White mage option might be the most helpful option.

@Redux - Thanks, im going to go look though the PFT deck. I own it but have not even looked passed the characters.

@Zeroth_hour2 - I didnt think to check the magus deck, I will do that. The Witch was my go to deck at the moment. It has Ring of Fire, Staff of Curses, Blessing of Savored Sting (3), and all kind of other goodies I remember from playing the witch deck.

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Slacker2010 wrote:
If I remember correctly a lot of WotR barriers ended up being combat checks. So the WotR book version is less appealing.

Not a lot of them, I believe, but certainly the worst. Still, remember that all Armies are also Barriers - which is where we found her barrier-buster most relevant. I don't know how reliant on Armies the Season is, though, and I do believe Armies there were implemented in a much more merciful manner.

Even disregarding barriers, Bookworm Enora has the potential to be examining AND rearranging the top 3 card of a location each turn - which on its own is a game-changer, for my money.


WOW thanks. I didnt realize how cool those books are. my only hesitation is by using that deck I would be setting myself up to go with the Bookworm Role.

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