Samsaran Shaman


Samsaran Shaman

I'm starting an Emerald spire campaign on PbP(play by post) and i'm thinking about building a Shaman. The rest of the party are a Witch, a Paladin(who wants two or three oracle levels) and a Hunter (who will take care of the traps.

I Basically though 3 ways i could go: Samsaran Shaman. 20 PB go full str and wis, take the oracle archetype and steal paladin spells , ignoring the Lore spirit shenanigans.

Go Aasimar and vanilla shaman with full caster(though i don't know what I want to do with them), and dable with some item crafting with the wandering hex(and maybe weapons and armor),

Or maybe go the summon route(wich won't be specially good as I don't have the aura even if i take channel).

I'm kinda set on the shaman(just to test a different class), but not sure what should be my aim.

Ah, A special house rule, the race RP affects the traits I can get. 10 or less I can get 2 tratis or a feat(not humans), 11-15 1 trait, and 16-20 No traits.

Hey hey!

So, Shaman have one of the best and most versatile spell lists out there, so if you go full caster you can do basically anything.

I think the big decision you need to take is:

- Do you want to take the flexibility of Wandering Spirit/Hex?
- Or do you want less book-keeping?

If you want less hassle, certainly go with the Speaker of the Past archetype. Another option would be Name-Keeper, which reduces the range of possibilities for a feature that is still pretty good.
Visionary also works, given that it pushes Wandering Spirit to much later.
Crystal Tender is another good alternative, as it replaces part of Wandering Spirit for some juicy DR.
Possessed Shaman takes most of the moving parts from Wandering Spirit and replaces them for more skills.

Now, if you actively LIKE Wandering Spirit and all it entails, there's several options for that too.
Unsworn Shaman, for example, gives you all wandering stuff.
Grasping Vine gives you a good metamorphosis ability, very practical for melee builds – it's the one big blind spot for Shaman casting! They don't have many good transmutation effects. Plant Shape is really good in that regard.
Overseer gets more enchantments.
Witch Doctor gets more support abilities.

And, my favorite, Draconic Shaman gets rid of the pesky familiar and turns it into a fully fledged companion.

Silver Crusade

Shaman is a very flexible class, so you have lots of options. With that particular party composition, I would favor a strength build over a pure caster build. The Battle spirit (either main or wandering) is a good choice for a high strength shaman. The human and half-orc favored class bonus is quite good, so consider those races.

One option would be a high strength human or half-orc Speaker for the Past, with Battle spirit, using reach tactics with a longspear. Take combat reflexes as your first feat (and Toughness if you're human). Stats would be:

Str 18
Dex 12
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 14
Cha 8

The Human FCB allows you to add a spell to your spell list from the cleric list, it is very effective.

Aaismar with Scion of humanity will allow access to the human fcb which is very often sited as overpowered it's so good. If going a strength build I'd say Angel kin is and excellent choice.

Thx for the advice. Talking to the group I decided to go the flexible route. Being a play by post I can play the most bookiping class ever, as I have time to think calmly.

I kinda have a build here:
Middle aged aasimar (immortal spark and scion of humanity)
1 Oracle/6 Shaman / X Stargazer.

Stats (Level 1)
STR - 8(9-1)
DEX - 6(7-1)
CON - 11(12-1)
INT - 14 (13+1)
WIS - 20 (17+ 2+1)
CHA - 18 (15+2+1)

Picking the oracle with the lore revelation to use Cha to reflex and AC, and the first feat to use Cha to INI.
Then regular shaman with hex for crafting and not even looking at the fights untill i get at least a guided longspear.

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