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I have a player who is a sorcerer who took the druid dedication feat and I'm curious if this changes his spellcasting. Does he cast his druid spells spontaneously or does he have to pick some of his spell slots and assign druid spells to them like a prepared caster?

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The spells are completely separate unless he's a Primal Sorcerer.
His Druid spells work exactly like they're worded in the feats and (usually) have nothing to do with him him being a Sorcerer. Ex. He'll still use Wisdom for his Druids spells.

Druid casting is Primal spellcasting so his proficiency in that will be whichever is higher. So if he's a Primal Sorcerer, he'll use that proficiency for his Druid spells since it's higher. If he has a different spellcasting tradition, he'll use the archetype's proficiency level (Trained, then Expert w/ 12th level feat, then Master w/ 18th level feat).

In short, you never have to reference the Sorcerer class to determine how to work the Druid MCD, though the PC's Primal spellcasting proficiency might already be higher than the MCD gives him.

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