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I've not yet seen a monster stat block that includes the attack trait listed anywhere. Are monster abilities not beholden to the multiattack penalty rules that players are? If they are, then how do you tell which abilities to apply it to?

If it is listed as "melee" or "ranged" it's considered an attack roll. In the explanation of how to read a monster stat block, it calls these actions "strikes," which have the attack trait.

Yeah it is just the normal rules for strikes. If a monster ability let's you make 3 strikes as 2 actions, you apply MAP as normal unless the ability says otherwise.

strikes and spells have the attack trait, same with skill uses.

When it comes to monster abilities, any that do increase MAP tend to call it out.

But, I cannot see them including tags into monster stat blocks as that would go against them trying to make the stat blocks clearer and smaller in the first place.

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