Pyrotechnic Eruption and Touch

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Pyrotechnic Eruption has this little tag line on it(The spell just basically setting down a flaming geyser under a target that follows them).

Anyone attempting to touch the target takes damage, using the same amount of dice as the last time the target attempted a save (Reflex half). A creature can take the place of the target by bull rushing or grappling it and switching places. The new creature then automatically takes the current round’s damage with no saving throw and can begin to attempt Reflex saves starting on its next turn.

So because a player asked me, what does "Touch" mean? His main concern is that can he put it on a target but end up having his friend, who is melee, catch fire after attacking the guy?

Myself I'm a bit unsure. I'd say yes but at the same time with a Reach Weapon I'd say no. Advise here?

Touch means a touch attack or an unarmed attack or a combat maneuver which doesn't use a weapon, I think. Hit someone with a battle axe and you have no need to touch the target.

It means "touch". You can hit them with a weapon*, but I wouldn't try giving them a hug.

*Expect Table Variation™ if the weapon is a cestus or gauntlet or something

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