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I received a gift voucher at a convention a while ago and wanted to use it, but for some reason the gift card does not work. It keeps saying it's invalid or not for this order (Character Operations Manual PDF). The last one I ruled out because I tried it on a different item and that did not work either. My local VC said to post here because it might've been a misprint or something.

Note: on the voucher is written a different name, crossed out, and then my name. I don't know if it belonged to the previous name who already used it, but that might explain if it's already claimed.

Thanks a lot.

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello Quentin,

We were alerted by our Organized Play and Tech teams that a handful of vouchers may have this problem. We can fix it very easy so you can apply it, but we need to be able to look up the exact voucher. Could you please send us an email containing the full redemption code? We can then fix it up so it works for you, or see what else is going on with it. Thank you!

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