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So have Path of the Hell knight been considering playing one for some time. Noticed a couple of things. First there is a Hell Knight Monk, thought that was a weird one considering profiency with armor is a must for both Prestige classes. Secondly there are three suits of Hellknight specific armor. The full plate then introduced was the leather and then Half plate. The Half Plate to me is worthless especially since it indicated it was meant for the Signifiers to wear. Any self respecting wizard or cleric should have at least a fair to high dex. Half plate is zero dex mod and two points lower then full plate.
My question is this. What is stopping a player who is a member from taking say Breastplate and calling it Hellknight armor? Pictures I've seen of the Signifiers resembles Breastplate more then HalfPlate and offers better protection. I've read discussions online regarding special materials noticed one not discussed but seems legal. Bullette armor. From the description it functions exactly like metal armor except being slightly heavier but more nimble offering a +2 dex md instead of one.
Also I'd like thoughts on how well some other races would fare in different orders other then the Gate. To be clear Tieflings are not exactly welcomed but once in would they be able to rise in rank or would they always be considered a rookie? Also what about base races?

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