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So, I've had a Captive Star Amulet for a little while now in my group's Starfinder campaign, am currently an 8th level Mystic Healer, and have been trying to find clarification on our group's current interpretation of the way the amulet works. Currently whenever I counter a spell with the amulet I have to burn a 3rd level spell slot for dispel magic, as if I had cast the spell and that the amulet just makes it so that I don't have to declare dispel magic as my action for counterspelling if I think I'm the target of the spell, freeing me up to do other things, but I've been trying to argue that it shouldn't be burning my spell slots because I would think that the dispel magic ability in it's entirety is coming from the amulet.

The full item text in question,

"The pendant of a captive-star amulet is a miniature containment field that holds magical energy compressed to resemble a tiny star. While you wear the amulet, if a spell includes you as a target, the necklace allows you to use the counter option of dispel magic against that spell as a reaction. You must attempt a dispel check (1d20 + half the amulet’s item level + your key ability score modifier). A captive-star amulet works once per day, but you can spend 1 Resolve Point to activate it a second time during that same day. Once you use a given captive-star amulet, you can’t use a different one for 24 hours.
Captive star amulets come in three types with varying functions."

What do other people interpret this to mean?

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Given that it doesn't mention spell slots at all, uses the amulet's item level, and doesn't make you ready an action (and also makes zero reference to your spells) I'd say you're correct.

Yeah, it doesn't take up your spell slots. It would work just the same if used by a non-spellcaster.

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